AC Medical Fellowship Conference

HarvestCall's Medical Committee hosts a biennial Apostolic Christian Medical Fellowship.

The purpose is to promote fellowship for those in the field of Medical and Dental Care within the Apostolic Christian Church and encourage medical and dental practitioners to keep a “spiritual focus” and “eternal perspective” and grow in our desire to care for those who need assistance with health care issues and to do it in a way that honors our Lord Jesus Christ.

The conference is an opportunity to learn about missions and conditions and challenges faced in health care today. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to encourage each other in our faith as Christians in health care. All Apostolic Christians and regular attendees who are involved in health care are invited.

The 2016 meeting was held in Roanoke. Audio recordings from the sessions are below:

HarvestCall Update

Hospital Lumiere Update

Disintegration of the Nuclear Family

Anecdote from the Field of Harvest, Q&A session

End of Life Workshop

Medical Committee Purpose

Balance for Busy Professionals