Assistant Farm Manager

The Haiti Dairy Program near Les Cayes is seeking a full-time missionary with Agronomy and/or Dairy Herd Health expertise.

Overall HarvestCall Missionary Purpose: 

The primary purpose of a HarvestCall missionary is to proclaim Christ and serve others. In fulfillment of HarvestCall's mission, all missionary roles are purposed toward the sharing of the gospel, the discipleship of believers, and the demonstration of the love of Christ through deeds of compassion.

Role Purpose: 

Join the Haiti Dairy Team, specializing in Agronomy and/or Dairy Herd Health

Role Specific Responsibilities:

  • Agronomy
    • Understand soil types and fertility needs
    • Understand crops best suited for dairy feed
    • Develop irrigation needs for crop production
  • Dairy Herd Health
    • Understand and develop the breeding program best suitable for Haiti
    • Daily oversight of Lactating, Dry, Close-up and Fresh cows
    • Daily oversight of baby calves and heifer replacements
  • Continuous Development of People
    • Teach the local Haitians of these agronomy and dairy practices for long-term sustainability
  • Financial Accountability of all assets you are responsible for
    • Track all costs and key financial statements

Qualification and Skills Required:

  • Agronomy and/or Dairy Herd Health experience

Targeted Role Transition Date:

  • June 2022

Reporting Relationship:

Les Kaeb, Haiti Dairy Program Administrator

For additional information on this mission opportunity, please contact Brent Hodel 309-231-7467 or or HarvestCall Outreach Manager, Kirk Plattner at 765-250-4295 or