Assistant Caregiver Opening

Assistant Caregiver Opening at Casa Vida Y Esperanza; Magdalena, MX

Seeking caregiver assistants, single or married, willing to provide a Christ-centered family-like home for children who have been removed from their biological families.

A caregiver’s qualifications include:

  • Member in good-standing;
  • Dedication and love for children and young people;
  • Good communication, teamwork and conflict management skills;
  • Openness to learn, self-motivation and flexibility;
  • Ability to speak or willingness to learn Spanish.

A caregiver’s responsibilities include:

  • Support or provide spiritual leadership and training for the children;
  • Support the Caregiver in providing for the daily physical, social and emotional needs of the children;
  • Continual pursuit of personal emotional and spiritual growth;
  • Continual professional growth as an assistant;
  • Administer discipline in love and using biblical principles in accordance with CVE policies;
  • Grow in cultural knowledge and sensitivity.

Terms of Service

  • Live on the CVE campus. May include living in the homes of the children being cared for.
  • Language, culture and caregiver training will be provided.

Candidate selection, preparation, training, sending and supporting will be conducted using HarvestCall’s established Outreach Policies and Procedures.

For more information on CVE positions, contact Keith Beyer at / 260-627-0525 or HarvestCall Outreach Manager, Kirk Plattner at 765-250-4295 /