Helping Victims of Flood and Fire

Rebuilding in Bastrop County, TX this Winter

Volunteer Opportunity February 7 – April 29, 2016

Since May of 2015, Bastrop County, Texas has experienced two floods and a wildfire. The first flood came at the end of May – the wettest 30-day period on record. Large areas of Texas and Oklahoma experienced flooding during this period. More than two dozen lives were lost across the Lone Star State. In mid-October, following a hot dry summer, a wildfire burned through the Hidden Pines area of Bastrop destroying more than sixty homes and charring 4600 acres. Fortunately, no lives were lost as a result of this fire. Once again – near the end of October – severe flooding struck the area for a second time in just five months. A total of more than 14 inches of rain was recorded at the Austin airport over a twenty-four-hour period with nearly six inches recorded during the 9-10 AM hour. Rivers and streams throughout the area overflowed their banks causing severe damage to hundreds of homes and in some cases total destruction. Hundreds of families were displaced from their homes.

The Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team has been working tirelessly to identify families who are unable to recover on their own. Both of the flood events received FEMA declarations which mean that federal money is being paid to assist families in their recovery. While these funds are helpful, they are often not sufficient to cover the full cost of rebuilding or repairing the damaged and destroyed homes. This is where Apostolic Christian HarvestCall is able to offer assistance with material costs and volunteer labor. Additionally, we want to direct hurting families to the Rock of Ages, our best refuge and shelter in the time of storm. Our aim is not only to meet their physical needs but also their spiritual needs.

Volunteers Needed

Beginning on February 7th thirty volunteers are needed each week to serve in this rebuilding ministry. Both skilled tradesmen and unskilled workers are needed. There is an opportunity for every willing heart to serve in this ministry. Skilled construction workers will provide leadership for volunteers on the work sites. HarvestCall tool trailers and vehicles will be on site throughout the term of the work. The work will include all phases of house construction from foundations to painting and cleaning.

Damaged houses will be repaired and destroyed houses will be rebuilt. Christ’s love will be shared with hurting hearts as we serve them in His name. We have the opportunity to be His hands and feet as we minister to those whose lives have been turned upside down resulting in hopelessness, frustration and despair. They need to know that we care, and most importantly, that God cares.

Accommodations Provided

Volunteers will be housed at Trail’s End Ranch in Red Rock, Texas which is approximately 30 minutes south of Bastrop. There are accommodations for both men and women in numerous trailers; each equipped with bunks, showers and toilets. A central kitchen/dining area will serve as the focal point of activities. Delicious home cooked meals will be served each day of the week beginning on Sunday evening through Friday noon. Brown bag lunches are carried to the job each day. Additional RV hookups are also available.

Additional Benefits

In addition to ministering to disaster victims, this location also offers an opportunity to support the small Apostolic Christian Church located in Bastrop – often called the Austin congregation. This congregation has expressed their desire to be the host church for this outreach and are looking forward to the additional fellowship that will be shared. An effort is underway to bolster our smaller congregations with the intent that they can grow and become self-sustaining assemblies capable of carrying out the four pillar mission of the Apostolic Christian Church. Please learn about their current needs and pray for this small congregation as they wait for the Lord to add to the church.