Bastrop Team Photos

  • Dedication Night

    Dedication night is a time to Proclaim Christ... giving honor and glory! This rebuilding project wouldn't be successful without God's guidance, which was revealed numerous times each week. Many served on the rebuilding project both in a long term and short term volunteer capacity.

    The evening was filled with sharing. Many homeowners that HarvestCall assisted shared with the audience their experiences ... stories which started with tragedy that gave way to hope, thankfulness, and gratitude for a new beginning.

    As the evening came to a close everyone enjoyed dessert and fellowship. HarvestCall volunteers assisted homeowners with some needed items for their new or remodeled homes.

    God's hand was felt in choosing a location for this years rebuilding project headquarters and accommodations. Ranch owners Brian and Debbie Desaulnier (pictured above) and Jerry and Cathy Desaulnier (not pictured) were invaluable and made our volunteers feel at home. 

    Sharing God's goodness! Many friendships are established and renewed when we volunteer.
  • Week 12

    Team members for the final week came from Lamar, Wolcott, Iowa City, Princeville, Taylor, Peoria, Tremont, Detroit, Junction, Morton, Prescott and Mediapolis.

    The final week began with a spectacular sunrise and devotions with the long term staff.

    These boots have done their job! Three months of hard work. Thanks Phil!!

    A storm early Wed. morning took a tree down and took out the power for a family. The team cut up the tree and helped get power restored.

    These young volunteers spent Wednesday helping an elderly lady remove wet insulation from the exterior walls of her Smithville, TX home. There were flash floods in the area the prior week. Some homes in this neighborhood were flooded with over a foot of water.


    Washing dishes is equally appreciated. The cooks were thankful for the additional help this week.

    The few items this homeowner could quickly take with her before the devastating fires reached her former home were the first to be displayed in her new home. She shared that these cherished items were hand crafted by her late husband

    HarvestCall was able to help seven more families financially during the last week. Maria shared her experience with the flood disaster and how she felt God’s strong nearness. She left work early because of the storm, but had called her neighbor to get her nine year old son Alex to safety. (He was in the house and no water had come inside.) Afterwards when they opened the door of their flooded home the water was waist deep. She was so thankful that God had kept her son safe. She then felt called to help a neighbor who was clinging to an air conditioner to keep from being swept away. Maria doesn’t swim but went into the water to help. She shared how God always gives you guidance, but you must listen. An older son shared he was at a loss for words to share his appreciation for the help given them. He apologized because he wanted to show his gratitude and the words wouldn’t come.

    Frank Garza lost his home AND his wife Inez. They were both swept away very unexpectedly, he clung to a tree. In this picture is his Neighbor who helped rescue him from the tree. Also, his granddaughter who shared what a great person Inez was. Through the tragedy and the sadness they all shared how Great our God is. Margaret his neighbor testified that the water was calm for her to get into to help with the rescue. Others say it was not, but she knows God calmed it for her to accomplish what she did. HarvestCall provided a new mobile home for Frank.

    The Durango stays in Texas.

    Mike, Debbie, Katie felt happiness restored as they will have a warm safe home again, once the new mobile home is delivered.

    Several homeowners graciously allowed HarvestCall to interview them, many shared of renewed hope. Look for the inclusion of their testimonies in the USA Rebuilding Project video to be released early this summer.

    With thankful hearts the kitchen gets packed up, tool trailers arranged and vehicles head north.

    It’s an Honor to Serve

    to join in the fight,

    to lift up my voice,

    to lay down my life.

    Giving Glory to God

    seeking none in return.

    It’s an honor an honor to serve.

    2016 ministry in Texas has come to an end but the connections will last a lifetime.
    May God bless each person whose lives were touched and everyone that came to serve.

  • Week 11

    Team members came from Morton, Milford, Francesville, Morris, Roanoke, Kansas City, Austin, Prescott, Mediapolis, and Fairbury.

    Robert Glasgow had home belongings moved in this week.

    Charlie was another flood victim that lost his business in the flood and had home damage. He had just purchased the home the day of the flood. Apostolic Christian HarvestCall was able to help with some financial assistance.

    Appliances were installed at Romero.

    Lunch break always provides great time for fellowship.

    Painters kept the brushes moving and the caulking continued!

    Septic tank was installed at the Scoggins home.

    Team members were trained to use tools they hadn’t used before.

    Final trim work was completed so inspections could take place.

    Hard work for 5 weeks and still smiling. What a team!

  • Week 10

    Team members came from Oregon, California, Kansas, Rockville, Forrest, Fairbury, Sarasota, Gridley, and Akron.

    Once again another great team with combined skills made for a productive week. The Riley home is ready to move in.

    Rita Ramon home is ready for the cleaning crew.

    Painting at the Romero home is finished and the punch list is being worked on.

    With reports of rain the team worked diligently to complete all outside work.

  • Week 9

    Team members came from Eureka, Mediapolis, Phoenix, Roanoke, Rockville, Leo, Fairbury, Sardis, Silverton, Bradford, California, Forrest, and Chicago.

    So much joy is expressed with beautiful Christian friendships.

    The Leaders can be found having their meetings in almost any location.

    Monday morning -- ready to begin. It's always interesting to see if everyone gets their lunch in the right cooler, then in the correct van. One team member did not and decided he got more to eat with everyone sharing part of their lunch.

    Early morning sausage grilling makes for a great breakfast.

    Much action at the Rita Ramon home. Lights hung, caulking, painting, soffit, fascia and siding.

    At the Romero home the paint crew covered the walls in no time at all. Outside lots of stumps were removed and dirt was filled in around the foundation.

    Dirt work made for a smooth finished look and much safer ground to put up the siding.

    At Scoggins: steps and a ramp were built and siding began. Inside the mud was flying on the walls.

    Final trim work at Glasgow.

    Even though they “don’t do heights” these ladies kept on smiling while willingly serving.

    While team members kept busy building, there were always willing workers back in the kitchen building wonderful meals.

    Supper time is always a special time to come together for nourishment and sharing stories of the day’s events.

  • Week 8

    Team members came from Bluffton, Elgin, Akron, Washington, and Austin.

    Robert Glasgow home ready for punch list.

    Jan Riley home.

    Ready for siding, Rita’s home is a beautiful setting.

    Soffit and Fascia installed which made for the completion of the siding.


    This week Erasto Romero home gets mudded.

    Scoggins home is in the dry wall stage. This is the last of the five new homes with completion by end of April very attainable. Starting with last week’s team the nightly reports continue to be, we are 100% done EXCEPT….

    This is what a morning looks like at the ranch after breakfast and devotions. Loading up supplies and materials for the days’ needs.

    If saw horses are not available you do the next best…

    A gorgeous evening again enjoyed by singing outside. Happy to have another homeowner join us.

    Ingenuity for drawer handles…Thanks Marilyn!

    Again this week the cooks treated teams to Root Beer Floats.

    Friday night some of the team enjoyed the Red Rock Steakhouse and even had opportunity to have an April Fool’s birthday celebration.

    Saturday’s are filled with grocery shopping and vehicle cleaning.


  • Week 7

    Team Members came from Illinois Central College. Churches represented were Roanoke, Peoria, Washington, Lester, Morton, Princeville, Goodfield, Tremont, Austin, Fairbury, and Remington.

    Amazing accomplishments and completion on the Spence home.

    The team ended their work by praying with the homeowner.

    Insulation was installed in the crawl spaces of all five homes.

    The 5th home had the wall insulation installed. There was a warning to not suffer inflammation from the inhalation of the installation of the insulation.

    This was the week for cabinets to be installed in two of the homes. Seeing progress is so rewarding.

    Teamwork brings tremendous results.

    Laminate flooring was installed in three of them homes.

    The 4th home was drywalled.

    The greatest news of all time was written on Robert’s home.

    Great week getting siding on and painted.

    At the ranch, painters were busy with door and window frames and inscribing the word of God.

    Spent an evening remembering our Saviors death and resurrection and singing hymns.

  • Week 6

    Team members came from Purdue….Churches represented were Bluffton, West Lafayette, Lester, Washington, La Crosse, Francesville, Roanoke, Peoria, Forrest, Milford, and Wolcott.

    Monday morning beginnings always require some patience.

    Communication is vital for the success of the homes getting completed correctly.

    The home being remodeled in Manor, made great progress this week.

    The team became known as the "6 cone" group at McDonalds.

    The addition project made great progress as old shingles were torn off and new ones put on.

    The Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team was so pleased to have college students that they treated the team to a wonderful Texas meal at Southside Market.

    Scripture was recorded on the walls, insulation installed and then drywall hung.

    A good mudding teacher enabled the team to complete a home and part of the second one. Time for the painters to enter.

    Digging the connecting lines required a Root Beer float break.

    Tillie and Bronco help save many steps for the cooks.

    Kitchen cabinets for the new homes arrived. Very thankful for Jerry our rancher and his fork lift.

    After a week together team members become really good friends.

  • Week 5

    Team members came from Bluffton, Sardis, Eureka, Mediapolis, Goodfield, California, Forrest, Latty, Detroit, Washington, and Burlington.

    Several rainy days, but the work continued this week for the plumbers.

    Appreciate the Long Term Recovery Staff which help direct us to homeowners in need.

    Insulation and new drywall, then mudding, lacing and painting all in week 5. This home needed to be gutted because of flood waters.

    On another job the weather didn’t halt progress.

    So amazing with a great crew and the Lords’ grace how much was accomplished.

    Working together brings wonderful results.

    The Heroes of the week were the cooks when they delivered Root Beer floats to the teams.

    Walls going up on house #5.

  • Week 4

    Team members came from Remington, Wolcott, Pennsylvania, Bloomington, Sardis, Morris, Rockville, Goodfield, Kentucky, Bluffton, Forrest, Detroit, and Princeville.

    Saturdays are usually filled with jobs getting ready for the next work week.

    Glasgow house was wired, plumbing completed and inspected. On Friday insulation and drywall was being installed.

    Windows and doors were put in all the homes.

    Roofs were completed. (Riley)

    Exterior painting was finished at Kisamore’s.

    New site was prepared, footings poured, and block laid at Scoggins.

    Back at the ranch trim for the houses was painted and shelves created for great drying spaces.

    Team members spend time with homeowners, hearing of their losses and their journeys through various disasters.

    Construction leader teamwork is a great blessing. (Ramon)

    Continued beautiful weather helped productivity of the homes. (Romero)

    Remodeling at the Spence home also included assembling a metal outbuilding.


  • Week 3

    Team members from Week 3 came from Forrest, Rockville, Bluffton, Prescott, Silverton, Goodfield, Sardis, Bloomfield, Morris, Cissna Park and Kentucky.

    Two remodel homes were completed.

    Both homes were flood victims.

    Each of the 4 new homes are at different stages. Romero

    Excitement builds as the walls and roof get completed. Ramon

    Connecting house to septic tank. Glasgow

    HVAC installed and completion of porch.

    5th homeowner looks over house plans. Scoggins

    The fire burned on both sides of fence and no harm to the fence.

  • Week 2

    Week 2 team arrived Sunday evening from Tremont, Lamont, Bloomington, Detroit, Akron, Columbus, Sabetha, Congerville, Rittman, Bloomfield and Smithville.

    After Orientation, the crews are interested in understanding the blueprints.

    The ranch is a peaceful, quiet setting. 

    The job sites are 30-45 minutes from the ranch setting.

    For one remodel job, the house was jacked up and pulled back together.

    Homeowners show appreciation as they learn of their house plan.

    In just 2 weeks a remodel project is completed.

    4 new homes each at a different stage. All lost everything in the fire. Glasgow

    Real teamwork in action.

    Riley home

    Ramon family home

    Good foundations make for a strong building.

    Leaving a mark to point to God who gets all the glory.

    We've been blessed with beautiful weather, and so thankful.

  • Setup and Week 1

    The HarvestCall Ministry required more patience this year as we waited for God’s direction and His timing.

    The commissary is much smaller than what has been used in the past but the ranch is a beautiful location and with some great organization the kitchen area was set up and meeting the needs.

     The commissary and restroom trailer are conveniently located together.

    Thankful and relieved when all HarvestCall vehicles and trailers had arrived safely.

    Tool trailers were organized and ready to be used.

    Many sit down and stand up meetings were held with the leaders as preparations were made for this ministry to begin.

    Job assignment and menu board showed it was time to begin!

    Although much food was donated from Midwest Food Bank, groceries were still needed to be ready for the first team.

    Team one arrived on Feb. 7th from Eureka, LaCrosse, Bloomington, Sabetha, Washington, Princeville, Austin, WI, Tremont, Detroit, Roanoke, Junction, Prescott, Goodfield, Congerville, Smithville, Morton, Bloomfield, Bluffton, Peoria, Milford, Elgin, Fairbury.

    Feb 8th Monday morning beginning- Hoods Up!

    The cooks gather to plan the menus.

     Land clearing began to prepare 4 new home sites.

    Team members also began working on 3 home repair jobs

    It was amazing the work that was completed the first week with home repairs and foundations ready for framing. 

    Phone connections are not the greatest at the ranch, makes us thankful that the first ever cordless phone was created by God. He named it PRAYER.. It never loses its signal and you never have to recharge it.

    HarvestCall ministry is truly all about relationships.

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