Chester Team Photos

  • Week 12

    Team 12 came from Elgin, Francesville, Wolcott, Akron, Bay City, Bloomington and Silverton.

    To celebrate the year anniversary of living in her home built by HarvestCall in 2017, Ms. Martha hosted a Saturday, March 24 evening meal for 26 team members.

    Sunday morning devotions challenged us to ponder what have we learned from the past 3 months and where is the Lord leading from here. We finished with the song …Golden Harvest….Bless it Lord that it my prosper and bear fruit for Harvest day. Say this day until your Savior, Lord I ll gladly do my part!

    Celebrating Cannonball's 75th Birthday at camp on Sunday night.

    One more ramp completed.

    This week’s team help clear the debris from Sybal's land. Inspection then cleared and she moved in Wednesday night.

    Final message left on breaker box, that changed the world for all of us. Thank you Jesus!!

    Ms. Sybal is so thankful and happy to finally BE HOME.

    Focusing on the goal that the gospel was never secondary, many hours were spent in sharing the Good News and encouraging homeowners.

    Final clearing and clean up for the Coit family. Prayers still needed for a home to be brought in for them.

    Ms. Joyce was visited by the team and loved showing her new home.

    First report was April 17th for possible date that power would be hooked up. Extreme praise and thankfulness when power was connected to all the homes this last week, so we could clear inspections and let families move in.

    Ms. Jackie is given her keys and the house is hers to turn into a home.

    Happiness shines forth as Cannonball and Liz receive their set of keys.

    One final delivery brings a smile and thankful heart.

    Such joy seeing homeowners settling in and using their new homes.

    Back at camp, packing tool trailers has begun.

    Getting vehicles serviced and ready for the trip home is key priority.

    Extra drivers came into camp and some of the fleet headed for home on Tuesday.

    Office was packed, job board dismantled and bedding trailer organized and packed for trip home.

    Final trailers, bedding, kitchen and storage pulled out before noon on Wednesday.

    Continual praise to our Lord for another completion of the winter ministry.

    Red,yellow, black and white...they are precious in HIS sight.

  • Dedication Night

    Dedication night was held at the War Memorial Building in downtown Chester on Thursday, March 22. Over 200 people came to celebrate God’s goodness.

    The evening was filled with emotions as many spoke of the impact the past 3 months has had. We sang together, prayed together and shared God's word.

    Homeowners and families were able to choose from HarvestCall inventory and take home donated food items.

    Family members came from New York to celebrate.

    To create a warm atmosphere, music was played as people arrived.

    Fellowship was enhanced as refreshments were served.

    As we celebrated the completing of the homes, the community voiced their appreciation for the spirit of love and caring that HarvestCall brought to Chester and they are motivated to continue that same spirit. Members of city and county council and state senator were present.

    We stood to share the songs I Love to Tell the Story and How Great Thou Art.

    It was very apparent relationships had been formed.

    God was honored and glorified this night as each homeowner shared their testimonies of new life and hope again. To God Be the Glory was the concluding song.

  • Week Eleven

    Team 11 came from Sabetha, Eureka, Wolcott, Washington, Bradford, Remington, Elgin, Goodfield, Leo, Morris, Detroit, Rockville, Junction, Bern, Winthrop, Francesville, Kansas City, Forrest, West Bend, Latty and Mediapolis.

    Team work is essential and brings great results.

    Two more happy and thankful homeowners.

    ACHC staff was present this week to record the special dedication event and interview homeowners and volunteers.

    Keeping the gospel message first and foremost in mind.

    Another burned out mobile home is knocked down and burned to make ready for a replacement.

    More deck work for Ms. Sybal.

    50# of donated pecans provided hours of fellowship opportunities.

    Cannonball and Liz" daughter flew in from New York for the dedication.

    Sharing Christ’s love builds relationships.

  • Week Ten

    Team 10 came from Morton, Goodfield, Princeville, Roanoke, Bloomington, Peoria, Tremont, Washington, Steven Point, WI and Rockville.

    Great victory this week as 3 homeowners were cleared to move into their new home.

    A day for praising as Harvestcall passed the keys over to Ms. Felicia.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Ms. Jacki's home had wiring jobs completed.

    College students did a great job cleaning up Cannonball's yard.

    Niyah extremely happy to see her new closets and the ramp for her grandpa.

    At David Lee's home the roof work was completed.

    Thankful there were NO injuries.

    Week 10 was most exciting as the custom built mobile home was brought in and put into place.

    Preparations made to set up Ms.Sybal's new home.

    Friday results.

    Every week the “Mary team” spends time visiting homeowners & taking time to pray with them.

    Kitchen crew delivers root beer floats AND hot chocolate...hard to know which to drink with the ever changing weather.

    We were blessed with Carlos' church family providing a full Southern meal for us. Also that night heard grateful homeowners' testimonies.

    Third trip for the Berean bus to Camp LaVida, South Carolina.

  • Week Nine

    Team 9 came from Mediapolis, Champaign, Morris, Morton, Forrest, South Carolina, Rockville, West Bend, Latty, Bluffton, Sabetha, Nashville, Princeville, and Bay City.

    The long term family began the week with an inspired devotion about praise and righteousness springing forth.  We were reminded it's all about the basics of the gospel.

    Still chilly, but this team was one of the few that have been able to worship outside.

    Another steep roof started this week.

    The team was very cautious and used good safety techniques.

    One day of rain, but the team kept busy on other jobs.

    Great progress for one homeowner, Ms. Sybal.  We moved her to a motel and the next day her mobile home was taken down and lot cleared to make room for her new mobile home.

    As the excavator was taking the home down, he spotted the Holy Bible and stopped. He wanted God's Word removed before he did further destruction.

    The Boulware family had siding repaired and a new entry.

    Writing the Word to remain in Ms. Felicia home.

    Ms. Felicia loves hats and was elated to choose one that had been handmade and donated from our Eureka church family.

    At Ms. Jackie's, the painting was completed and flooring installed.

    Ms Honeybunch's ramp was built, drywall mudded and inside painting completed.

    Ms. Frances' house also had drywall hung and mudding accomplished.

    At the Cannonball & Liz home, the week started with stud walls and ended with completed wiring and drywall taped.

    Wednesday night we were blessed with 5 of our 8 homeowners attending dinner and church services expressing how thankful they were for the new hope they have in life. Councilman Carlos, who has led us to people in need, and Pastor Kevin from Ember Church also attended. They have observed that HarvestCall not only builds homes but loves on the people of Chester community.

    The kitchen team did their weekly delivery of snacks. They also provided a quiz with prizes Thursday evening sharing some information about the food they used for the week. They prepared #189 meat, used #48 butter, #47 flour, 60 dz eggs, #35 potatoes, 160 cuties, and 750 cups coffee & much more. The team had sufficient nutrition!

    Sharing the gospel is a main focus. The question was asked, Why should we share the gospel? It was then shared that 150,000 people enter eternity EVERYDAY.  Have we done our part in sharing the Good News? 

  • Week Eight

    Team 8 came from Sabetha, Princeville, Bradford, Forrest, Bluffton, Eureka, Junction, Fairbury, Detroit, Mediapolis and Rockville.

    Seventh and final new home (Cannonball & Liz) gets framed and enclosed during week eight.

    Even though we had some pretty significant rain, this team persevered and work continued.

    The cooks treat the team to snacks even if the weather isn’t the best.

     Ms. Jackie's home was mudded and ready for paint.

    Honeybunch's home passed inspection and the drywall went up while the siding was completed outside.

    Rain over the weekend left a Monday morning clean up job at Ms. Frances' home, but blessings followed.

    Exciting to be working on Punch List items at Ms. Cynthia's.

    A handicap ramp and a new back porch will be helpful improvements for James and Pauline.

    Another metal roof installed, assures homeowner better protection.

    Friday's camp & vehicle cleaning crew enjoy lunch outside.

    Donated pecans provide fellowship opportunities and some scrumptious eating.

    Evening activities bring the team closer yet. Working and playing together.

  • Week Seven

    Team 7 came from Junction, Pennsylvania, Forrest, Silverton, Chicago, Francesville, Lester, Rittman, Remington, Tremont, Rockville, Chenoa, Morton and Mediapolis.

    Our pancake team this week.

    So appreciated the sunshine and beautiful weather this week.

    Troy and Flory blessed us with a Southern meal of Fried chicken, macaroni, cheese, green beans and topped it off with crazy peach pie.

    HarvestCall is so blessed with brotherhood support which allows us to have a fleet of 22  vehicles. They are put to good use!

    Much time is spent deciding how much work to undertake and prayerfully consider who to help.

    The first three new homes that were started are getting finish paint jobs, cabinets installed and completion day is very soon.

    Ms. Honeybunch's home had roof and shingles by Friday.

    All the walls on Ms. Francis' home were up by Friday. Ready for trusses Monday.

    Cannonball home is ready to be framed and Ms. Jackie's home is ready for drywall to be hung.

    Mr. Aaron was so pleased to get a wheelchair ramp which provides him more freedom.

    Niyah (Cannonball & Liz great granddaughter) loved games with the team and a golf cart adventure.

    Who wouldn't want to come back to camp to eat?

  • Week Six

    Team 6 came from Wolcott, Remington, Sabetha, Morris, Bluffton, Lester, Elgin, Silverton, Roanoke, Junction, Fairbury, Bern, and Goodfield.

    So thankful the predicted rain disappeared. On Monday footings dug, inspection passed and concrete poured on the 4th house which was for Ms. Honeybunch.

    By Friday, the foundation completed, waiting for inspection so framing can begin.

    Also on Monday the 7th home came down and by Friday the footings were being poured at Cannonball & Liz home.

    So appreciative that these last four homes are all within walking distance.  Ms. Frances' home was down and footings also dug, poured and block wall up all this week.

    Ms. Cynthia joins us for dinner and shares her joy and thankfulness. Floors were installed at her home and final trim work began.

    Doing their job cheerfully..painting is accomplished at Ms. Joyce's home and flooring installed.

    At Ms. Felicia's, insulation, dry wall and painting all completed this week.

    At Ms. Jackie's, the week started with the floor and ended with an enclosed home.

    Great team work!

    God’s blessings and direction is how all this is possible. The strength He gives each team member to perform their daily task is truly a gift. Organized supplies keep the ministry running smoothly as well as happy leaders.

    Two more remodel jobs: At Mr. David's home, bathroom torn out and new flooring installed.

    Ms. Janie and her daughter are so happy with a new bathroom and a closet with a floor that has been built back up.

    Taking time to visit and pray with homeowners.

    Valentines Day was a great day to celebrate Ms. Lou Alice's Welcome Home event. The team sang her favorite song..Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.

    There were tears of joy as the keys were handed over to her and she cut the ribbon to her completed new remodeled home.

    Early morning start In the Word!

  • Week Five

    Team Five came from Fairbury, Lamar, Princeville, Sardis, Lester, Rittman, Bloomington, Bluffton, Peachtree City, Congerville, Tremont, Junction, Plant City Florida, Milford, Morris, Princeville, Alto, Gridley, Lamar and Smithville.

    Rachel & Amanda from SBP organization joined us at dinner and shared their appreciation for our partnership with them for Ms. Lou Alice's home.

    Decking and stairs were built for Ms. Willean.

    Two more remodel jobs started this week. Termites had done extensive damage at Ms. Rose's home.

    Ms. Rose is so appreciative and feels the warmth of God's love with each team member.

    This remodel job includes flooring, new roof and new bathroom.

    Floors were dropping and collapsing in Cannonball & Ms. Liz's home. Homeowner had suffered stroke and heart attack and no longer able to work on his home. Continually praises God for his goodness and that every day God wakes him up. This week the couple moved into a hotel and team members help put furnishings in a storage unit while home is built.

    In four weeks, the first new home was mudded and by Friday ceilings and walls were painted.

    First inspection passed at Ms. Joyce's home and drywall was hung while outside deck and handicap ramp was built.

    Team at Ms. Felicia insulated, wired and completed siding, soffit, facia and outside decking.

    Ms. Jackie's old house was torn down and even with inclement weather, team still able to excavate, form & pour footings, and Friday the foundation block wall was put in place.

    Honeybunch home sits on a curve. It had been hit by vehicles and knocked off the foundation. Definitely in dire need of repair. This week her home was taken down and rebuild begins. All the homeowners we are working with show extreme appreciation and testify they have prayed for God to send help.

    A tilted braising pan makes scrambling 16 dozen eggs much easier.

    Building relationships is key to the HarvestCall ministry in our mission of Proclaiming Christ and Serving Others.

  • Week Four

    Team Four came from Bluffton, Lamont, Congerville, Tremont, Columbus, Sabetha, Rittman, Akron, Bradford, Peachtree City, Junction, Fairbury, Bern, Sardis, Plant City Florida, Princeville and Eureka.

    Week 4 began with devotions on God’s sovereignty. Councilman Carlos Williams joined us. He has been the key player in directing us to the Chester families in need.

    So blessed with beautiful produce brought from Florida & donated by George and Livy.

    Kitchen crew cheerfully working with their new HarvestCall aprons. They also take treats out to the work sites once a week.

    Tim reviews the job board each day so each team member is aware of their assignment.

    Ms. Joyce's home saw great progress this week.

    In just 4 days, 2.5 roofs were completed and the homeowners were ecstatic.

    To provide sufficient nutrition for the day, everyone makes their own lunch at 6:30 am.

    Mr. John's grandson enjoys walking the ramp for the first time. This homeowner hasn’t been able to leave his home for months because of the need for a handicap ramp. In a few days the team completed this assignment.

    Dry wall gets hung at Ms. Cynthia’s.

    Soffit & facia gets completed at Ms. Cynthia's and her neighbor enjoys working with team.

    Thanks to the past weeks of painters, painted doors were hung at Ms. Lou Alice's and cabinets installed. With floors installed, furniture was moved in. Move-in date very soon!

    Sunbeam rays shows God blessing the building of Ms. Felicia's home.

    Visiting homeowners from last year brought many smiles.

    Carlos supported us as we faced the county zoning board for clearance to move ahead on two homes. Thankfully, there was no opposition.

    Because we cannot see God, He gives us clear pictures of His presence and His work in things like the majesty of the universe, the greatness of our salvation, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As a result of many prayers we truly felt the power of the Spirit working this week and guiding some tough decisions. Glimpse of God’s Glory.

  • Week Three

    Team 3 came from Tremont, Goodfield, Eureka, Fairbury, Peachtree City, Bloomington, Junction, Indianapolis, Prescott, Cissna Park.

    Berean Bus arrives with the team on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

    So enjoyable after weeks of cold to have amazing weather and the gift of worshiping outside for Sunday service.

    Blessed with more donations from Midwest Food Bank including 17 coolers of frozen meats brought on the bus from the Tremont team.

    Team leaders sharing God’s love with their smiles and new HarvestCall hats.

    More homes blessed with new roofs and doorway entrances this week.

    Mr. Ned and his daughter joined us for dinner and he blessed us with song. 

    Painting completed at Ms. Lou Alice home and flooring being installed. The team took time for singing during their lunch hour.

    Thankful to report this steep roof job for Mr. Israel is completed and no injuries.

    Very productive week at Ms. Joyce's home. Footings poured, block laid, and framing begins. She came to worship with us Wednesday night and shared the joy she has.

    Serving with a happy heart as block foundation is built at Ms. Felicia's home. She also worshiped with us Wednesday night and just can’t quit thanking Jesus!

    Ms. Cynthia's home began Monday with one wall up and by Friday the house was enclosed.

    The team at Ms. Cynthia's was served lunch by neighbors who came to grill burgers for them at noon.  The community in general is very aware and appreciative how the Lord is working through His people to bless others.


    Ms. Elizabeth was very pleased as the exterior of her home was repaired with new siding and brick repair as well as new entrance.

    When serving 1,060 meals a week, there is always the need for more grocery shopping.

    The smiles in the kitchen explain why the food tastes so good.

  • Week Two

    Team two came from Bluffton, Rockville, Mediapolis, Fairbury, West Bend, Junction, Eureka, Gridley, Prescott, Washington, Peoria, Detroit and Peachtree City.

    Troy & Flory still sharing their gift of hospitality.

    Monday morning the team accepted the challenge of an exceptionally steep roof.

    Each morning they spent extra time in prayer before starting the work.

    Prayers were answered for a safe week. The small team grew as the week unfolded. The team prayed, sang and shared the word of God with Mr. Israel.

    God challenged us with inclement weather which cancelled all outside jobs for a day. Amazingly there was still work found to keep the team of 36 busy. Temperatures were colder this week than South Carolina has ever seen. The 1 inch snow storm shut down all businesses. 

    With the weather challenge, God also provided His sufficient grace to respond to it in positive manner. More people at camp during lunch allowing for a slower paced relaxed day.

    This week at Ms. Lou Alice, insulation installed, drywall hung and taped.

    Work at Mr. Ned home found the team replacing roof and remodel work inside as well as installing three exterior doors and rear deck. He is a widower caring for his disabled daughter & two grandchildren. She is a stroke victim. Replacing the carpet with laminate flooring was a wonderful improvement for them with her wheelchair. Through many trials his faith remains strong and he constantly affirms God is in CHARGE.

    At Ms. Joyce's home the footings poured, block laid and tarred. Ready for framers.

    Exciting to see walls going up at Ms. Cynthia's.

    The painters at camp wrote a song to share...At HarvestCall there's jobs to do, There's digging, framing, plumbing, too. Be we think above all the rest, That painting trim may be the best. Each bi-fold door and piece of trim, Each window frame we paint for HIM. About our painting we won't boast, and hope ya'll don' look too close.                                          Oh Paint, neatly paint and murmur not.

    Ms. Felicia, is praising the Lord for the hope of a new home soon. She worshiped with us Wed. night. This week we were able to get clearance to build for her. Her home is rotting away. She heats with oven & kerosene. On Friday, this team helped move her belongings.

    Saturdays are good for vehicle cleaning.

  • Week One

    Team One came from Fairbury, Columbus, Princeville, Bradford, Forrest, Tremont, Detroit, Mediapolis, Eureka, Washington, Burlington and Congerville.

    Team one leaves Fairbury bringing the remainder of the 22 vehicle and 12 trailer fleet.

    Welcoming committee.. great joy to see them all pull in safely.

    Ms.Cynthia home was taken down, lot surveyed and digging began. Quite a surprise to uncover & remove huge boulders before the footings could be poured.

    Team work!

    Ms Joyce had bought her own insulation to keep the cold air out of her sinking foundation. The sinking floor created refrigerator problems. Her house was taken down and digging will begin.

    4 new roofs were completed. New front and rear entries were constructed.

    Ms. Sandra had prayed for 3 years for help. When so much good happened in 3 weeks she was overwhelmed and asking God how she could pay it forward. 

    Thankful that this first team had a team member surrender his heart to the Lord.

    Painting doors and trim back at camp.

    Mr. Robert was heating his home with the oven.  His roof was repaired and a heating sytem installed.  South Carolina homeowners are not prepared for the record breaking low temperatures, especially for 11 days in a row. 

    Ms. Peggy loved visiting with the team during lunch and joined us for Wednesday church services.

    The kitchen staff shared afternoon treats for the individual job sites.

    A major remodel job was started in Columbia. Nasty crawl space work.

    Ms. Lou Alice requested the team to sing Nothing but the Blood.

    Ms. Lou Alice is so appreciative of her home being restored after a 2-year long wait of not being able to live there after the flood.

    Team one enjoyed eating lunch with Ms. Cynthia.  This home they helped remodel in 2017.

    Janie & Barb heading out to do the purchasing for new homes.

    Sharing after supper is always filled with laughter and good stories of everyone’s encounters from the day.

  • Set up Week

    23 people have felt led by God to commit to 3 months of serving in Chester, South Carolina.

    Ray & Glad Slagel, Fairbury; Phil & Janie Price, Milford; Ron Farney, Bloomington; Stan & Genny Isch, Bluffton; Tim & Barb Slagel, Washington; Charlie & Paula Knapp, Bloomington; Marilyn Baumgartner, Bluffton; Ed Beard, Sardis; Stan & Margie Schick, Princeville; Cloyce & Carol Gress, Detroit; Emily Hartter, Washington; Mindy Bradle, Roanoke; Jared Knapp, Forrest; Trent Koch, Tremont; Barry & Joyce Kloter, Goodfield.


    After questions and many prayers, we are assured this is the place God wants us to be. Plenty of work and people in need.

    Unpacking the loaded kitchen trailer. So blessed with Midwest Food Bank food donations.

    The massive job board is assembled and ready to keep the many jobs organized.

    Sometimes ladders aren’t necessary.

    Assembling Blessing Bags to again bless the people we come in contact with.

    The vehicle keyboard is ready and our theme this year is LED BY HIS HAND.

    New this year are HarvestCall Tshirts available for purchase.

    The in-house job board is ready to go. There will be more Sharing the Gospel studies during devotion time.

    Fried Bologna sandwich is a South Carolina tradition- a must try.

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