Helping Flood Victims

Columbia Disaster Rebuilding Ministry 2017

Volunteer Opportunity January 8 – March 30, 2017

October of 2015 will go down in history as one of the wettest months ever recorded in the state of South Carolina. A powerful storm system brought unbelievable amounts of rainfall over a five-day period. In many areas, the event has been termed a 500-year event. A total of 11.5” of rainfall in a twenty-four-hour period was recorded in Charleston. Thousands of homes, businesses and community buildings were flooded. Interstate highways were closed. Bridges were compromised and entire communities were under water. Nineteen lives were lost in the state because of this storm. It is being called “the most prolific rainfall event in modern US history.”

Nearly a year later, there are still families living in mold infested homes. For most of these people, they do not have the means to repair their damaged homes. They have no choice but to wait for help to arrive. Through the efforts of long term recovery groups, families in this situation have been identified and screened through the process of case management. Case workers have gathered financial information from these families and are working to bridge the gap between their meager resources and the cost of providing a safe, healthy place for them to live. HarvestCall is responding to this need through a rebuilding ministry comprised of volunteers and long-term leadership. Funding for this ministry is provided through generous donations to the Disaster Fund. Our funds will be matched by local contributors to this recovery effort.

Volunteers Needed

Beginning on January 8th, forty volunteers are needed each week to serve in this rebuilding ministry. Both skilled tradesmen and unskilled workers are needed. There is an opportunity for every willing heart to serve in this ministry. Skilled construction workers will provide leadership for volunteers on the work sites. HarvestCall tool trailers and vehicles will be on site throughout the term of the work. The work will include all phases of house construction from foundations to painting and cleaning.

Damaged houses will be repaired and destroyed houses will be rebuilt. The Gospel message will be proclaimed as Christ’s love is shared with hurting hearts and we serve them in His name. We have the opportunity to be His hands and feet as we minister to those whose lives have been turned upside down resulting in hopelessness, frustration and despair. They need to know that we care and most importantly that God cares.

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Special Invitation to Ministers
Since this project is located too far from any of our congregations to worship there, we plan to hold services at the camp each Sunday evening. We encourage ministers to make themselves available.

Accommodations Provided

Volunteers will be housed at Camp La Vida in Winnsboro, South Carolina which is approximately 35 miles north of Columbia. There are accommodations for both men and women. Lodge buildings are equipped with bunk beds, showers and toilets. A central kitchen/dining area will serve as the focal point of activities. Delicious home cooked meals will be served each day of the week beginning on Sunday evening through Friday noon. Brown bag lunches are carried to the job each day.

While there is no required fee for room and board, donations received for accommodations will translate into more funds available for building materials to help those in need. The cost of housing and meals is approximately $18 per person per day.

Hotel accommodations are a considerable distance from the camp and thus, not recommended.