Set up Week

Thankful first trailer is in place. Bedding trailer sits close to dining hall for easy access.

A team leader meeting is essential to making the work week go smooth.

Piles of supplies unloaded and in need of a place.

Thanks to Midwest Food Bank the freezer gets stocked. The camp is wonderful and abundantly provides for our needs in the kitchen area especially.

Our wonderful hosts at Camp La Vida - Troy and Flory Coates. They graciously made and served breakfast and dinner to the team during set up week.

Love and happiness among the staff makes for sweet fellowship for the journey.

Setting up a job board for daily camp duties. Those who sign up for these jobs get to eat first!  Always a benefit.

Looking forward to many weeks of working with volunteers who are willing to give of themselves for the benefit of others.  It is an honor to serve...

Anchored in Truth and Grace will be the theme for 2017 Ministry.

Bible verse for first week - Mark 16:15 - Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

So appreciative that God sends young willing hearts to do the not so favorable tasks.  

Computers are a great tool to keep the large amount of details under control.