Columbia Team Photos

  • Week 12 Exit

    Week 12 the team came from Francesville, Morris, Bluffton, Fairbury, Tremont, Princeville, Rittman, Akron, Eureka, Morton and Forrest.

    Even though it's exit week meals still need to be planned and prepared for the team.

    Monday the team did a final cleaning and emptied the pods by moving all Ms. Freddie Mae belongings back in her home.

    A true transformation!

    New roof, painted awnings, remodeled inside and new friendships gives Ms. Peggy new hope.

    Monday morning Martha's home had a final cleaning and the keys were handed over.

    The team helped get her home set up by carrying items from her storage shed.

    With all homes completed and homeowners moved back in, it is time for the job board to be dismantled.

    Who needs a fork lift?

    Lots of tools and supplies to organize and pack for the trip home.

    Final repair work at camp.

    After 3 months it's time to clean out Ron's truck!

    Carlos, a councilman from Chester, and his family joined us for dinner.

    Great working relationship with HarvestCall. Carlos helped connect us to the right people.

    A grand finale was an invitation to Ms. Martha's for a dinner in her new home.

    All tools packed and last trailer leaves camp on Thursday March 30. Thankful to report everyone back home safely. The angels were busy as there were a number of flat and blown tires and a dropped spring from a trailer, but no accidents. 165 tires... so several problems should be expected.

    God has been glorified. 641 volunteers have been active in this ministry. 60 churches represented and families have been given hope and renewed faith. Thanks to each and everyone one that supported this ministry in prayer. God did hear and answer!

    To God be the Glory GREAT things HE has done.
    The gospel was shared back and forth.
    4 New homes, 3 Remodeled homes and 20 roofs.

  • Dedication

    Truly a night of celebration.  Isaiah the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.

    The home dedication/celebration was held at Midtown Downtown Fellowship in Columbia. The guests were greeted with Anchor cookies and cupcakes.

    Homeowners had opportunity to fill their blessing bags with donated items and a homemade blanket.

    In attendance was the South Carolina electrician that blessed us by pulling permits.

    Family members were there to support and celebrate.

    There was certainly a sweet Spirit in the place. Much joy and happiness from homeowners and team members alike.

    What joy to receive a homemade quilt made with love. 

    There were heart touching testimonials from 10 different homeowners praising God and sharing their renewed hope and faith. So the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.

    God sent us to Saint Bernard's Project and they gave us the direction we needed to connect to the people.

    Because of the blood of Jesus strong connections were made!

    Bibles were handed out earlier during the ministry. At dedication each homeowner received an Anchor doorstop.

    It's an Honor to Serve!

    See local news media coverage of the event:

  • Week 11

    Week 11 brought team members from Ft. Scott, Sabetha, Eureka, Sarasota, Bloomington, Remington, Leo, Morris, Detroit, Roanoke, Francesville, Bern, Elgin, Prescott, Milford, Bluffton, Gridley, Forrest, Sardis, Goodfield, Silverton, Tremont, Princeville, Washington, Fairbury.  Memory verse for the week was Matthew 25:40

    First group picture with a drone.

    This week was special as more homeowners were welcomed to their new home.

    Happy day for Juan and his family as the pods were emptied and his belongings were once again at home!

    Santiago loved his new bed and his mama loved the dresser filled with clothes.

    Steve was so happy to help with the mailbox installation at their new home.

    Home Sweet Home!

    Cleaned and ready for occupancy at Livingston's.

    Special moment as key is passed onto new owner!

    The hard working crew was allowed a lunch break at Freddie Mae's.

    Kitchen cabinets, new flooring and painted walls were completed inside which matched greatly to the finished job outside.

    The USA committee was on site for a meeting and made time to tour several of the homes.This is Freddie Mae new kitchen and floor.


    At Ms. Peggy Pitts all walls & ceilings were painted and new kitchen installed making for a very happy woman.

    At Martha Mae's the electrical crew worked hard to be ready for inspection, while the painting crew did their best to also be ready for final inspection.

    Celebration hug!  All inspections completed meaning Martha can move in! 

    New Project started on Monday in Chester. Water damage over the years created rotting floors. This family was elated to have floors patched, new roof, installed water heater and a new stove.

    With temperature in the 80's the Strawberry Floats from the kitchen crew was a real treat.

  • Week 10

    Week 10 the ICC Bradley Young Group came over their spring break. The churches that were represented were Morton, Roanoke, Washington, Congerville, Tremont, Peoria, Princeville, Eureka, Goodfield, and Gridley.

    Memory verse for the week.

    The week began with a beautiful snowfall.

    The success of the week was a direct result from all the prayers offered up to our AWESOME God.

    Sharing the love of Jesus with Patricia. Her husband, bound to a wheelchair and needed a ramp.

    Final electrical work is accomplished at Brenda Livingston home.

    Melissa's porch was remodeled. This week the team finished the work in her kitchen, making her extremely thankful to have running HOT water after having just a drip.

    The work team created a THANKFUL board for Melissa out of the old wood from her porch.

    Freddie Mae's house and shed were caulked and painted by the crew.

    Mudding, sanding and final painting inside the house.

    At Peggy's house insulation was installed in the attic and completion of drywall mudding and sanding.

    Cleaned up and ready for Paint!

    At Martha's the week started with painting and ended with flooring and cabinets installed.

    A bed was constructed and put in place for Juan's 3 year old grandson.

    Juan's house was deep cleaned for furniture moved in and waiting for final inspection.

    The college students so generously bought clothes and diapers to fill the needs.

    Highlight for Week 10 was the moment the occupancy papers were signed and Jamir, the case manager, gave the Wells family the keys to their new home.

  • Week 9

    "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them."
    Matthew 18:20
    Team members came from Bluffton, Mediapolis, Latty, Prescott, Cissna Park, Forrest, Milford, Rockville, Remington, Morton, Bloomfield, and Morris. The largest group so far.       Weekly memory verse was Psalms143:8

    This week Spring came to Columbia!

    At Freddie Mae's home nearly all the drywall was finished and siding was hung on a shed in the back.

    Making friends while finishing the trim work at Juan Cabrera's home.

    God blessed us with wonderful weather as another roof was started and completed. 

    Hands and feet of Jesus.

    With a larger team this week, work was getting accomplished at 9 different job sites.

    Cabinets were installed. Plumbing and electrical work progressing at Wells.

    So much can be accomplished with the right tools.

    Martha Mae's heart for her Savior and courage in difficult times inspired so many of our team members. We were able to finish the dry wall in her home this week. Ready for paint.

    Assembling window boxes and painting doors and trim for Martha Mae.

    Blessing Bags with donated stuffed dolls put a huge smile on Kaylyn's face.

    Team at Ms Thelma's assisted painting interior walls and exterior windows, soffit and facia and kitchen transformation.

    The joy the homeowners bring to the workers is irreplaceable. Peggy Pitts came to visit the team as they hung dry wall on the ceiling.

    At Livingston, cabinets & flooring installed. Trim work began. 

    A new project was taken on this week. The flood left Melissa's home with a weak roof and kitchen problems. The team started on her house midweek and made amazing progress.

    Water jugs await the team every morning...Thirsting after righteousness...

    Ray doing some carpentry in his "office".

    "To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens!"
    - Psalm 123:1
    The pines surrounding the camp reminds of the glory of our creator.

    What a blessing it is to share in prayer with those touched by the work of our Master.

    A place where team members can connect with God in the midst of His amazing creation. So blessed with a beautiful camp for our HarvestCall teams.

  • Week 8

    Week 8 volunteers came from Bluffton, Sardis, Bloomington, Detroit, Goodfield, Tremont, Milford, Princeville, Washington, Fairbury, Rockville, Sabetha, Bern, Wolcott, Silverton, Forrest, Wichita, Remington, California, and Pennsylvania.
    Memory Verse for the week was Psalm 19:14

    The Shokti's house (blind homeowner) roof is torn off and replaced with brand new.

    Tall volunteers made final window installation at the Cynthia Home go smoothly.

    Exciting progress at Ms. Martha's home with electrical, plumbing and insulation work being done. More underground work and still smiling. By Friday walls and ceiling were ready for drywall.

    Delayed windows arrived at the 11th hour at Ms. Martha's house!

    Each day we'll do a golden deed, by helping those in need. An efficient mudding crew at the Livingston house. Painting occurred by the end of the week.

    Always a special time when homeowners (Brenda Livingston) come to meet the team.

    At the Juan Cabrera home flooring was installed and final trim work began.

    The Inez family joined us for fellowship and one of our wonderful meals. Remodeling work is being done at their home.

    The Wells home was painted this week.

    He maketh my feet like hinds' feet, and setteth me upon my high places. Ps.18:33 
    New roof and remodel work begins at the Pitt's home.

    God sent volunteers with the right knowledge to tackle this project.

    The roof at the Pitt's house was covered with metal for a variety of reasons.

    Thankful for God's protection on this steep and precarious roof. Finished on Wednesday and it rained Wednesday night. This homes inside remodel work began immediately after the roof was completed.

    A new project began this week for Ms. Freddie Mae and her family.

    On Wednesday the team moved her personal belongings to the pods. She blessed us all with her faith in God and the belief that help was on the way.

    On Thursday demolition took place so the entire inside could be remodeled.

    Ms Martha joined the kitchen staff as they served floats to team members at each work site.

    One of the camps comfortable bunkhouses.

  • Week 7

    Team 7 came from Fairbury, Eureka, Peoria, California, Wichita, Rockville, Washington, Remington, Forrest, Bluffton, Kansas City, Burlington and Goodfield.

    Monday Morning.... On your mark, get set, GO!

    Giving Inez's bathroom a fresh coat of paint.

    Mudding begins so mixing away to keep the Cabrera crew busy.

    Hardworking AND stylish. By end of the week, the Juan home was painted.

    Taking time out after deep-cleaning to sing hymns together.

    Shokti was very grateful for a clean home and her handymen.

    God bless America! A creative result from scraping paint off Ms. Thelma's walls.

    Prepping walls for a fresh coat of paint at Ms.Thelma's home.

    Ms. Thelma was thankful for her helpful crew.

    Insulation installation with guarded inhalation at the Livingston home.

    Many hands made for good progress at the Livingston home!

    "Take my hands and let them move at the impulse of thy love."

    Curious questions from a neighborhood boy.

    Drywall installation at the Wells home -- some of the volunteers don't need a ladder.

    Amazing team work of all ages working at the Wells home.

    A homeowner stopped by a job site to ask for assistance for running water. She was very grateful to receive a new water heater.

    The epitome of teamwork. Trusses up in 56 minutes at Ms Martha's new home.

    Underground work.

    From foundation to roof -- Ms Martha's house came alive this week.

    Encouraged by Martha Mae's thankful spirit, faith in God and many hugs!

    "Can't have tummies empty, that would never do!" We appreciate the donated meat from Midwest Food Bank.

  • Week 6

    Week 6 came from Junction, Peachtree City, Rockville, Goodfield, Forrest, Detroit, Lester, Milford, Latty, Cissna Park, Smithville, Burlington, Bluffton, Elgin, Princeville.                    
    Weekly Memory Verse was Psalm 92:1,2

    Sewer and water lines were hooked up at all 4 new homes.

    God's work, our hands.
    A loving way to celebrate Valentines Day... the Jones family moves home!

    Inside the 2 story remodeled home. Countless hours brought this project to completion.

    Stan brings his ladder to the Welcome Home Event. One more little job!

    Emotional moments makes it hard to find words. The family knew Stan just needed a hug.

    Successful job completion made possible with a supportive wife.

    Cynthia receives the key to her home!

    God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good. At the event, Jamir related Cynthia had endured many hardships and now has been so blessed with good, which reminded us of Christ's suffering on the cross and how much good was brought to all mankind.

    A very happy, thankful family.

    "Teamwork: Simply stated is less me and more we." Martha's work site.

    Monday afternoon footings formed and poured. I now have found a firm foundation, Wherever more my anchor grounds ...

    Block upon block... Tuesday full day's work

    Obstacles to overcome, but thankfully Thursday floor joists were installed on Martha's home.

    Psalm 92:1
    "It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD..." One more roof. No injuries!

    At Cabrera's, drywall hung and mudding began.

    Teaching the neighbor girls, Yes - Jesus loves me!

    At Cabrera's, the team completes building the porch.

    At the Wells home, the dirt gets filled in around the house.

    Electrical and plumbing passes inspection and insulation is installed. The ladies felt they were working with quilt batting and cut away to have pieces fit exactly.

    Rebuilding homes, rebuilding hope, one step at a time at Livingston home!

    Electrical and plumbing completed at Livingston and next week will be insulation.

    After school the neighbors at Livingston love stopping by to watch action.

    Passing the baton from one good cook to the next.

    It's an honor to serve.

  • Week 5

    Team 5 came from Tremont, Rittman, Lamont/Gridley, Bradford, West Bend, LaCrosse, Lester, Bluffton, Detroit, Columbus, Sabetha, Peachtree City, Congerville, Morton, Fairbury, Plant City, Akron, Prescott and Eagle River, Alaska.                                                             

    Memory Verse for the week was Psalm 77:11,12


    Starting a new remodel project. Tearing out to build up.

    Another roof to repair.

    Comforting a grateful emotional homeowner.

    Plumbing and insulation work begins during week five.

    Hiding the Word inside the walls of the homes. God's great promises.

    More teamwork!

    Drywall assures job security for this coming week.

    During evening sharing after dinner, it is always interesting to hear what has happened throughout the day.

    The Wells, who are getting a new home built, join the team for dinner and express their deep appreciation.

    Tradition continues.

    God led us to the homeowner of this place. Many obstacles were removed quickly, and this week her house came down and foundation work began immediately.

    As Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not."

    Saturday at the camp vehicles & tool trailers get to rest. Thankful for another safe week.

  • Week 4

    Team 4 came from Bluffton, Sardis, Rittman, Francesville, Columbus, Peoria, Missouri, Peachtree City, Tremont, Silverton, Latty, Florida, Prescott, Junction, Detroit, Goodfield, and Smithville. Memory Verse for the week was Mark 12:30-31.

    A daily team reminder of the attitude to be attained.

    This keyboard serves as a tool to track availability of HarvestCall vehicles.

    Eager and ready to start the work day.

    Important part of Monday morning.

    Monday morning -- measuring boards for the flooring at the Wells home.

    Lunch break after a busy morning at the Wells home.

    Still Monday and first wall is going up.

    By Friday the Wells home was enclosed with windows and a locked front door.

    At the Livingston home preparation was made for the sub floor.

    This week blessed us with good weather and more great team members. The Livingston home also started with the foundation and ended Friday with windows and a locked front door.

    Juan comes from work every day to help with his home. This week he was especially happy to have someone that could speak Spanish with him.

    Walls, roof and soffit work at Juan's home.

    Prayers were answered!! After months of seeking, Wednesday morning the Lord led us to the right South Carolina electrician. Work proceeded immediately.

    Final touch ups at the Jones remodeled home.

    Getting accessories in place means the Cynthia families move-in date is getting close.

    All new windows were installed at the Jones house.

    This week an outside transformation took place at the Jones house.

    Joy can still be found in everyday duties....

    The camp manager Troy gives the volunteers a taste of southern cooking by making his homemade grits.

  • Week 3

    Week 3 volunteers came from Tremont, Rockville, Peachtree City, Sardis, Bradford, Bluffton, Goodfield and Princeville.
    Memory Verse for the week was Acts 1:8.

    Thankful that this steep roof was completed with no injuries. Four more roofs were repaired.

    Any age, any gender can assist in the kitchen. Pancakes for breakfast!

    Many hearts were blessed as this flood-surviving family was moved from a motel room to a rental mobile home.

    Final preparation work at the Livingston lot so foundation work can begin.

    The Lord always sends the right people for the job. Livingston's low lot required five rows of block.

    Cutting reinforcing rods for footings at the Wells lot.

    Inspection passes and the work progresses forward!

    Teachable moments.

    A young, diligent worker improves the efficiency of the block layers.

    Setting the center beam takes teamwork. Much like our spiritual life, we need Christ as our center beam to have a firm foundation.

    Framing begins at the Cabrera home.

    Exciting to see the gable truss go up at the Cabrera home.

    A lot of maintenance is required on vehicles and tool trailers.

    Kitchen flooring installed at the Jones home and ready for cabinet installation.

    The newly built back deck at the Jones home made for great work space to repair the interior stairway.

    Feeding the team requires a big grocery shopping day.

    Music ministry drew the neighbors in. What a joy to share the love of Christ.

  • Week 2

    Week 2 brought volunteers from Bloomfield, Bluffton, Congerville, Detroit, Eureka, Fairbury, Forrest, Goodfield, Mediapolis, Morris, Rittman, Rockville, Sabetha, Washington, Bay City. Our memory verse for this week was Matthew 5:16. Let your light so shine before men, so they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.

    God's presence was abundantly felt as Sunday services were held outside in His creation.

    Good nutrition gets the team ready for the jobs.

    More roofing jobs kept the team busy each day.

    Prayers for safety were especially required for this roof repair.

    Beautiful weather and praying with the homeowner made this job go smoothly.

    Leaders lead by great example for this repair on a 12/12 steep pitch roof.

    A home works organization loaned a shingle lift to help lighten the load.

    Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love.

    Five more homeowners were given new roofs this week. Each presenting different challenges.

    After a number of delays it was exciting to see the Brenda house come down so the new can go up.

    A huge impossible tree stump was removed. With God (and Lyle's equipment) all things are possible.

    The Juan home permit was finally granted Wednesday noon and footings were formed. Thursday morning the inspector came early giving the green light for cement work. God's Timing!

    Its such an honor to serve. In the midst of trials, there is still JOY.

    The two-story home being remodeled was vandalized and a fire started on the flooring material. Thankful everything that was lost can be replaced and work could continue.

    The peaceful presence of the Lord is felt throughout the camp.

    Building relationships.

    Blessing bags filled with non-perishable food and gospel information.

    The blessing bags have served as a great tool to share the Gospel.

    On Friday the foundation for Juan home was laid. 

    What a privilege to serve as Jesus' hands and feet.

  • Week 1

    Week 1 brought team members from Tremont, Eureka, Bradford, Washington, Princeville, Forrest, Detroit, Mediapolis, Fairbury, Princeville, Burlington, Congerville, Peoria, Elgin.

    Sunday morning devotions prepare the home team for the week ahead.

    Life at camp is never complete without our wonderful kitchen crew. They start each day bright and early to prepare us a wonderful breakfast and work throughout the day to prepare our supper meal for the volunteers when they come back to camp at night. Our volunteers know they will get a delicious meal every time!

    Painting trim at camp for the new houses. Warmest spot to work this week.

    With delay on starting new houses, six roofs were torn off and shingled this week. Each home had a different level of skill required.

    Construction changes direction as more damage found. People wonder why so much roof repair while working with flood disaster. Roofs were in need of repair and leaking before the heavy downpour rains. More repair work inside awaits once roof is completed.

    Knowledge and the right tools are key in this repair job.

    Team work is essential and made for a very successful week of accomplishments.

    It's hard to capture all the activity going on inside this two story home's large remodel project. The home was gutted, creating the need for plumbing, electrical, drywall, and new roof work.

    On the Jones project the deck frame was constructed and moved into place.

    Cheerful workers brings joy to all.

    A moldy flood-damaged home was demolished and site prep will begin on Monday.

     A wonderful part of the work team experience is sharing the love of Christ with the homeowners. These ladies shared dinner with us and enjoyed the singing and fellowship. 

  • Set up Week

    Thankful first trailer is in place. Bedding trailer sits close to dining hall for easy access.

    A team leader meeting is essential to making the work week go smooth.

    Piles of supplies unloaded and in need of a place.

    Thanks to Midwest Food Bank the freezer gets stocked. The camp is wonderful and abundantly provides for our needs in the kitchen area especially.

    Our wonderful hosts at Camp La Vida - Troy and Flory Coates. They graciously made and served breakfast and dinner to the team during set up week.

    Love and happiness among the staff makes for sweet fellowship for the journey.

    Setting up a job board for daily camp duties. Those who sign up for these jobs get to eat first!  Always a benefit.

    Looking forward to many weeks of working with volunteers who are willing to give of themselves for the benefit of others.  It is an honor to serve...

    Anchored in Truth and Grace will be the theme for 2017 Ministry.

    Bible verse for first week - Mark 16:15 - Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

    So appreciative that God sends young willing hearts to do the not so favorable tasks.  

    Computers are a great tool to keep the large amount of details under control.

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