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Dairy Background

$100 million of Dairy products are annually imported to Haiti, with the majority being powdered milk used to be hydrated for fluid milk. The average Haitian consumes very little dairy product compared to a standard requirement. Dietary  protein and especially milk protein is essential for brain development. Orphanages in Haiti desire to be able to provide milk to the children. Dairy products are the #2 food import to Haiti with rice being the #1 import.

A group of Apostolic Christian brothers has organized the Haiti Dairy Program (HDP) to address the need for helping Haitian dairy farmers to improve their milk production while bringing Christ’s teachings and the way of salvation to them.

The HDP is the first significant agricultural production HarvestCall project. Within the Apostolic Christian brotherhood, there is a wealth of expertise from farmers and industry related brethren & friends with years of experiences such as: Agronomists, Crop & dairy farmers, dairy nutritionists, milk processing, marketing, construction, that would benefit this ministry.