Dedication Night

Dedication night was held at the War Memorial Building in downtown Chester on Thursday, March 22. Over 200 people came to celebrate God’s goodness.

The evening was filled with emotions as many spoke of the impact the past 3 months has had. We sang together, prayed together and shared God's word.

Homeowners and families were able to choose from HarvestCall inventory and take home donated food items.

Family members came from New York to celebrate.

To create a warm atmosphere, music was played as people arrived.

Fellowship was enhanced as refreshments were served.

As we celebrated the completing of the homes, the community voiced their appreciation for the spirit of love and caring that HarvestCall brought to Chester and they are motivated to continue that same spirit. Members of city and county council and state senator were present.

We stood to share the songs I Love to Tell the Story and How Great Thou Art.

It was very apparent relationships had been formed.

God was honored and glorified this night as each homeowner shared their testimonies of new life and hope again. To God Be the Glory was the concluding song.