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En Gedi House Open for Babies

Praise God for his blessings! We are beyond thankful that after 8 months, En Gedi House has been completed. This home will be a refuge for abandoned or neglected infants. God truly went ahead of us in this project as He provided phenomenal skilled workers and generous donations to fulfill our vision. There were joys and obstacles throughout the process, but God remained faithful. He blessed En Gedi with a few teams who volunteered their time and skills to help with demolition, to stain wood doors and trim, and to pour concrete slabs. Each group was a special blessing. Working with the government agencies that conduct electrical inspections was an obstacle, but thankfully after a few adjustments and a new electrical pole, En Gedi has passed its final inspection. We are now up and fully running.

Sis. Erin and her daughter were able to move into En Gedi the first of May. During construction, there were a couple calls to take babies, but circumstances changed in both of the situations and the babies did not need the refuge of En Gedi. God clearly showed his mercy to Sis. Erin by allowing her to focus on the construction and moving before serving the new babies. However, with all of the construction done, Sis. Erin and her daughter look forward to continuing to host teams, and becoming a safe haven for young Jamaican children.

We are thankful for the smooth transition, and all those who were willing to run alongside Sis. Erin and her daughter during the beginning of their journey. Please pray for a tranquil transition to their new home, and for En Gedi to be used for God’s glory. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.