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"God is in the Gazebo"

One of the first accomplishments of the Haiti Dairy Program (HDP), was building a gazebo and community well. This is a gathering place for meetings and for the community. After Hurricane Matthew, the foliage and trees were stripped away from the area, and nearly every tin roof. Amazingly, the gazebo was left relatively unscathed. The folks in the community like to say that “God is in the gazebo” and they especially enjoy the shade it provides when they are using the well. Praise God that our missionaries are all safe, no animals within the HDP perished, and major damage was spared at the farm and living area. Our great God also provided an opportunity to strengthen relationships with local farmers, as their crops were demolished. These farmers needed to replant but had no resources. Through HDP, black bean seed was provided to them.

Bro. Les Kaeb, missionary for the program, has been diligent in working on the forage program and building relationships within the community as we waited for the required government approvals before initiating a dairy processing hub. Months of red tape ensued as the needed certificate was delayed or denied. Then, just before Thanksgiving, a miracle happened. Bro. Les had been working with a new Haitian accountant and he asked Les to stop by his office. When Les arrived, he was stunned to be handed the needed certificate! Praise be to God! We continue to trust in His timing.

Now that this huge obstacle has been put aside, the decisions of finalizing equipment, cows, and building priorities are here, and there are many details to consider. 

How you can help: 

The program committee asks for prayers that the decisions made will glorify the Father, further the gospel, and fulfill the mission. Financial contributions to the HarvestCall Haiti Dairy Program are needed and appreciated.