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God’s Love at Work in Dumay, Haiti

The ministry of an important HarvestCall program continues to be blessed in a remote mountain village in eastern Haiti. Visiting work teams from the Lifeline ministry program visit the small mountain community of Dumay approximately six times annually. This village is located in eastern Haiti about an hour’s drive from Port-au-Prince, near the Dominican Republic border. In the past eight years, teams have built about forty houses for residents, a number of whom were left homeless by the 2010 earthquake and have recently expanded the ministry work into church roof construction in southeastern Haiti. This teamwork involves Haitian residents constructing building walls, with the US teams supplementing the effort by completing the roof structure and finished concrete floor. HarvestCall has also maintained a school student feeding program at the Dumay school and recently, a graduate of the SEED program in Les Cayes has been developing an agricultural program raising chickens and produce for the Dumay community. All of these ministries have developed into a valuable gospel-based partnership with the community around Dumay. Important cross-cultural friendships have been established in the HarvestCall Lifeline ministry.

Recently Lifeline expanded the ministry at Dumay to include a medical education team, the first of which spent a week in Dumay, in January 2018. The focus of the team was to share God’s word and love to the people in Haiti, to help educate the community on medical topics such as dental hygiene and first aid, and to address any immediate medical needs. The January team consisted of a nurse practitioner, multiple nurses, and a couple EMTs. The team also worked with the Haitian doctor who is currently at the Dumay clinic. The schedule for the week was to have different booths where the Haitians were able to expand their knowledge on their health and to receive a hygiene kit and Bible.

One highlight of the week was a young Haitian lady who visited the first aid booth where she was able to learn about CPR. She expressed that she had watched a little boy die because he was choking and no one knew how to help him. She was thankful and eager to go back to her village and share what she had learned.

Another of the Lifeline ministries at Dumay is a teaching conference for the pastors of the Bethel Church of God in Haiti, with whom HarvestCall works closely in that location. This conference is held annually at their request, and the pastors submit the topics. For example, they have submitted topics such as Repentance and Conversion, The Christian Walk, Forgiveness, and The Christian Home. The Bethel church has approximately 125 congregations and typically 100-150 pastors attend the conference. It is conducted over two days, usually including six topics and an opportunity for questions and answers. Three ministers of the Apostolic Christian Church have been doing the teaching each year, one or two of whom are elders. It is a very difficult trip for some of the pastors to get there, requiring a great deal of effort. The time of learning and spiritual fellowship with the Americans and with each other always seems to be greatly appreciated.

Important cross-cultural friendships have been established in the HarvestCall Lifeline ministry. Support for the ministry is vital. If you would like to support this ministry financially, donations can be made on the HarvestCall website. Prayer support is always a vital part of God’s blessings on this ministry. You may also be interested in participation on a visiting team. For more information on the HarvestCall Lifeline program, contact Bro. Paul Zimmerman at