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Gospel Being Spread in India, Despite Government Opposition

How does a group of dedicated ministers in far away India continue to share the true word of God despite growing opposition from governmental authorities? The conditions to carry out this responsibility are far different than what we experience in the USA. Your prayers and support for RGMMI gives them the courage and strength do the work God has called them to do. These ministers of the gospel are also inspired when they see souls responding to God’s word, receiving forgiveness for their sins and peace, knowing they have a real purpose for living and a wonderful promise awaiting them in heaven.

The spiritual staff must be very sensitive in their approach to sharing God’s word. They are ministering in a culture that has many festivals relating to the various god’s they worship. During this time, many of the spiritual staff remain in their villages. They are always eager to return to preaching the message of salvation. In some villages, they must change worship times to avoid conflicts with regional festivities.

Recently, the spiritual workers of RGMMI were provided with motor bikes to move from village to village sharing the Word. Up to this time, these dedicated men of God had to utilize public transportation or hitching rides, which was not always reliable.

A large English Medium School was constructed several years ago to provide English teaching in rural India. The building was designed to hold many different classrooms. However, the initial permit only allowed classes up to five grades. RGMMI has made attempts to increase classes only to be met with resistance from various parties. Recently, approval was given to add a new grade. RGMMI will now be able to reach more children with the truth of the Holy Word.

We are thankful RGMMI continues to shares God’s word in India and that souls are still responding to the plan of salvation.