"Grandparent" Support

Casa Vida y Esperanza, in Magdalena de Kino, Mexico, is seeking mature mentors to come alongside the staff and children to serve as onsite, "grandparents" through consistent visits and interactions.  It is a deep desire from the staff for older brothers and/or sisters onsite for short term visits to support them and bring deeper experience and spiritual counsel from a generation that doesn’t currently exist on-staff at CVE.  Many of the children do not come from a functional family structure and have a longing for a “safe” grandma or grandpa in their life.

A program of this type was first conceived in mid-2013 and moved forward with the support of CVE Administration, CVE Board of Directors, and CVE US Advocacy Team.  The first “Grandparents” served in early 2014 and the Program continues to be refined by the counsel gleaned from each visit.

Qualification Guidelines

-Member of the Apostolic Christian Church of America

-Those who hear the voice of the Lord and are being specifically called to this ministry.

-A heart for global missions and a love for the Mexican culture and its’ peoples.

-Experience parenting, teaching, and/or mentoring young people.

-A servant heart, adaptable, and a willingness to serve however they are needed is the most critical attribute for success.

-A humble spirit and desire to learn more about how to support children from difficult places.

-Have made multiple visits to CVE and have “connected” with the staff and/or administration in a deeper way.

-Ability to commit to consistent visits of a minimum of 2 weeks per year.  (Recommended Scheduling Format: 1 extended visit (2 weeks plus) or 2, 1 week visits)  TIME+CONSISTENCY=LOVE

Qualification Process

-Interested persons should contact a member of the US CVE Advocacy Team to receive an initial briefing on the Program.

            -Bro. Troy Lanz

            -Bro. Todd Kaeb

            -Bro. Jon Baner (Grandparent Program Lead)

-Interested persons are then asked to seek God’s Will clearly in reading and prayer over a period of 2-4 weeks.  If the Spirit calls them to this ministry an initial face-to-face interview (where feasible) would be conducted with a member of the Advocacy Team.  A recommendation by the Advocacy Team is then passed along to CVE Administration for prayerful consideration.

-Interested persons may be requested by CVE Administration to visit for a “trial run” for both to get a better sense of “fit”.

-Following an initial visit under the Program, CVE Administration and staff is asked for input on the visit and any recommendations.  A member of the Advocacy would share any insight.  Those serving under the Program are additionally asked to keep and share a daily journal of their initial 4 visits to help understand any unmet needs, risks, and allow the program to be enhanced through this feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified to mentor staff and/or children from hard places?

-We believe that God qualifies the called not necessarily calls the qualified. Humility and a desire to serve is most critical to success. If you have parented, taught children, and have the ability to be relational we believe you will do well. By digging into the educational resources ahead of your trip we believe that God will use this to equip you for such a time as this.

What if I get down there and it just isn't "working"?

-We encourage you to really prayerfully seek to understand why it isn't "working". The spiritual warfare in Magdalena is intense and the devil is doing all he can to discourage these efforts. That being said, if it just isn't "working" there is no shame or problem with coming home ahead of schedule and we will work with you to make arrangements. We will use any lessons learned to enhance the Program.

Where do I stay when I am there?

-Grandparent's have stayed in several places but typically stay at the guesthouse of Bro. Duane and Sis. Ann Wulf with a private bath, bedroom, and kitchenette. Duane and Ann are fantastic hosts and sincerely appreciate the fellowship. Another option is a private apartment with attached bathroom in the dorm block.

Who can I ask if I have questions once I'm onsite?

-A CVE staff member will be assigned as your "host" who will be available to answer any questions/concerns and to help facilitate your engagement in this role. The first couple visits may start slow but we have found that after the staff and children have developed a comfort level with you that there is no shortage of ways to serve.

Pre-Deployment Educational Resource Recommendations

-PRAY-Seek His face in this time of preparation that He will prepare your heart to sacrificially serve the ministry of CVE and the peoples of Mexico.

-Recommended Educational Resources

-“Serving as Senders Today”, Author: Neal Pirolo

-“When Helping Hurts”, Authors: Steve Corbett, Brian Fikkert

-“The Wounded Heart”, Author: Dan B. Allender

-Empowered To Connect DVD: “TRUST-BASED PARENTING: Creating Lasting Changes in Your Child’s Behavior”.  An overview guide of the techniques for Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis of Texas Christian University.

-Counseling Resources

-CVE US Advocacy Team is available to provide guidance and assistance with logistics, communication, and followup regarding visits.

-Current Grandparent Support Program participants are available for pre/post-trip counsel/recommendations/etc.

-Apostolic Christian Counseling & Family Services (ACCFS)-Sis. Amber Miller and Bro. Brian Sutter are available to support pre/post trip with any professional counseling needs.