Hardin Co. Team Photos

  • Week 12

    Volunteers this week came from: Chicago, Detroit, Elgin, Eureka, Fairbury, Francesville, Iowa City, and Princeville

    Packing up the kitchen as the project finishes

    Wrapping all the HarvestCall mattresses in plastic in preparation for long-term storage

    Prepping trucks and equipment for the trip back to Illinois

    Tearing down the bunk beds in the men's dorm

    Table decorations being packed away

    Breaking down shelving in the refrigerator truck, where the beds and mattresses will be transported back

    Loading the kitchen mixer in the back seat of a van for transport

    Cleaning out and straightening up one of the tool trailers prior to its exit

     Loading mattresses into the refrigerator trailer

    Indication of the vehicles that have left camp

    Celebrating Colt's 4th birthday at Jason & Megan's new home

    Jason's family receiving the posters and Bible signed by volunteers

    The gospel is never secondary

    Long-term friendships established by working and sharing the gospel together for 3 months

    Helping Annese move into her new home

    Finishing Willie's siding on the last work day

    Sharing the Word with homeowner Linda in her new home

    Sharing lunch with Annese while moving her into her new home

    Familiar sight on the last day - vehicles and campers/RVs leaving camp

    This was the FOCUS of the entire ministry project in Hardin County, Texas

  • Dedication

    Volunteer quartet providing background music during the reception

    Welcoming Lonnie's family at the reception

    Walking in the light as He is in the light. 1 John 1:7

    Homeowners and volunteers enjoying snacks at the reception

    Providing Nadine with HarvestCall's surplus supplies

    Homeowners deciding what they can use out of the surplus

    Kicking off the Dedication Service at the church

    Singing praises for the accomplishments in Hardin County

    Barbara expressing appreciation for her new home

    Renee thanking HarvestCall for her new home

    Hardin County Long-Term Recovery Director Michelle expressing her thoughts on the project

    Accepting a plaque of appreciation from Hardin County Strong

    Appreciation shown for the volunteer work from Hardin County officials

    Dedication centerpieces were beautiful flowers on the first day of spring

  • Week 11

    This week's volunteers came from: Bluffton, Chicago, Detroit, Elgin, Fairbury, Forrest, Leo, Mediapolis, Morton, Nashville, Princeville, Rittman, Rockville, Tremont, and Washington

    Rains finally stopped, washing the mud off the vehicles

    Shelling a bushel of pecans from a generous donor

    Every Monday night is "pie night"

    Assembling the counter top prior to installation at Renee's new home

    Finishing Renee's new home - final HarvestCall house

    Homeowner Amy worked side by side with the HarvestCall volunteers painting her own house

    For God so loved the world. . . 

    Crawfish mounds are numerous in the lawns of southeast Texas

    Final touches to Annesse's new home

    Scraping the accumulated mud off of the ramp at Annesse's new home

    Singing in an empty sea container

    Presenting the keys to Annesse for her new home

    Sharing lunch with Carolyn, Jason's mother at Jason & Megan's new home

    Homeowner Jason helping to install an electrical box on his new home

    Volunteers enjoying a lunch break at Linda's new home

    Volunteers helping Jason & Megan's boys build a moat around a sand castle

    Volunteers sharing lunch outside on a beautiful day at Willie's house

    As the sign states, Dairy Queen was offering free ice cream for a day, so why not?

  • Week 10

    This week's volunteers came from: Chicago, Elgin, Eureka, Forrest, Goodfield, Mediapolis, Morton, Peoria, Princeville, Roanoke, Rockville, Tremont, and Washington

    Homeowners Jason & Megan serving lunch to the volunteers

    Volunteers are being housed in Sunday School rooms that have been converted to dorms

    Weekly volunteers packing lunches for the day

    Framing the ramp at Renee's new home

    Shovel work to get the correct fill under the front porch at Renee's new home

    Praying with homeowner Willie after the news that his uncle had passed away the day before

    Volunteers framing a closet at Willie's house

    Embedding scripture under the deck on Jason & Megan's new home

    Barbara taking a look at the new Bible that was given to her by HarvestCall, in her new home

    Volunteers installing new kitchen cabinets in Sergio & Alma's house

    Group of volunteers painting in Renee's new home

    Volunteers enjoying a visit with homeowner Annese after dinner

    Homeowners Jason & Megan's 4 year-old son Colt helping with the dishes after dinner

    Kitchen volunteers frosting cupcakes for dinner

    Nadine reviewing the Bible given to her by the HarvestCall volunteers in her finished new home

    Trim, cabinets, and electrical all happening at the same time at Jason & Megan's new home

    ICC/BU Young Group singing after dinner

    Volunteers highlighted their favorite verses and left encouraging notes for homeowner Annese in her new Bible

    Nadine happily displaying her keys to her new home

  • Week 9

    This week's volunteers came from: Bluffton, Elgin, Eureka, Junction, Latty, Mediapolis, Morris, Rittman, Rockville, Washington, and Winthrop

    Relaxing for lunch on a beautiful day at Renee's new home

    Precision installation of a new kitchen at Donnie & Brenda's home

    Finishing kitchen cabinet hardware at Rusty & April's home

    Installing deck railing at Jason & Megan's new home

    Jason & Megan's boys watching the siding crew at their new home

    Delivering bread sticks to the Wednesday Room for dinner

     Prepping the bathroom prior to texturing Jason & Megan's new home

    Completely finished kitchen, ready for Nadine to move into her new home

    Cleaning crew and others singing with Barbara in her new home

    Teamwork unloading insulation from the transport trailer to Renee's new home

    Finished wheelchair ramp at Nadine's new home

    Hardin County Long-term Recovery group serving dinner to the HarvestCall volunteers

     Nadine enjoying dinner with the HarvestCall team

    Ron receiving one of the door prizes donated by Hardin County Strong

    HarvestCall volunteers enjoying each others' company along with Jason & Megan's son

    Siding being installed on Renee's new home

    Final painting touch-up at Anesse's new home

     Taking advantage of a beautiful day to finish painting outside at Linda's new home

    Friendships being formed among the kitchen help

    Volunteers helping Sherman celebrate his birthday

  • Week 8

    Volunteers this week came from: Bluffton, Bradford, Elgin, Forrest, Francesville, Junction, Latty, Mediapolis, Nashville, Remington, Rockville, Sabetha, West Bend, and Wolcott

    Leaders discussing the next day's activities

    Painting crew finished at Donnie & Brenda's home

    Re-assembling bi-fold doors at the Paint & Trim Shop in preparation for installation in new homes

    Reviewing electrical plans to ensure completion for Jason & Megan's new home

    Contrast between the old and the newly restored at Paul's home

    Finishing the kitchen in Annese's new home - house #5

    Volunteers happily installing a new sewer line to Linda's new home

    Installing drywall at Jason & Megan's new home

    Mud has been the constant companion on all job sites

    Playing games with Jason & Megan's son after dinner


    Almost finished with the siding on Paul's home

    Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

    Rough in electrical and plumbing at Renee's new home - house #6

    Ready to start the siding at Renee's new home

    Kitchen serving up delicious yeast breads

    Crews had to brave the mud to get their weekly root beer floats from the kitchen volunteers

    Homeowner Barbara joined the volunteers for lunch

    Volunteers taking time to show Annese the progress on her new home

    Jason & Megan's sons playing with volunteers after joining HarvestCall for dinner

    Setting trusses at Renee's new home

  • Week 7

    Volunteers this week came from: Bluffton, Bradford, Eureka, Forrest, Francesville, Goodfield, LaCrosse, Lamar, Lester, Princeville, Remington, Rockville, Sabetha, Tremont, Washington, and Wolcott

    Praying with homeowner Jason's mother Carolyn at his new home site

    Slade & Colt writing their names in the walls of their new home

    IConnect client reading the Bible Story book HarvestCall left in the IConnect office waiting area

    Volunteers installing wiring in the attic of Jason's new home

    Volunteers heading to their vehicles to start their day

    Walls being set on the 6th new house, Renee's new home

    Volunteers singing for homeowner Barbara

    Finishing the siding on Jason & Megan's new home

    HarvestCall Cookbook author autographing one of the books for a volunteer

    Painting the ceiling in Annese's new home

    Painting many interior doors at the IConnect Paint & Trim Shop

    Cheerful kitchen volunteers for this week

    Evidence of the many supplies required for the volunteer paint crew

    Getting started on the exterior of Paul's remodeled home

    Finishing the kitchen at Barbara's new home

    Making sure the corner of Renee's new home is square, level, and straight

    Volunteers share their hearts by writing on the rafters of homeowners new homes

    Volunteers sharing lunchtime with homeowner Renee

  • Week 6

    Volunteers this week came from: Alto, Bastrop, Bern, Bluffton, Bradford, Cissna Park, Forrest, La Crosse, Lester, Mansfield, Morton, Princeville, Sabetha, Washington

    Homeowner Annese getting one of her first looks at her new home

    Smiles from homeowner Renee because it was the first day of working on her new home

    Homeowner Renee and her family enjoying an evening meal with the HarvestCall volunteers

    Homeowners Lonnie & Pam with their grandchildren have been regular visitors for dinner

    Volunteers sign posters and Bibles for all homeowners, including their favorite Bible verses

    Travelling to and from job sites provides opportunities for forming relationships

    Appliances being delivered to Nadine's new home

    Foundation going in on house #6 - Renee's new home

    Jerry surprised the ladies on Valentine's Day

    Homeowner Jason working with volunteers on his own new home

    Lots of activity on Jason & Megan's new home

    Friend of homeowners Jason & Megan receiving a blessing bag from a volunteer

    Homeowners Jason & Megan's neighbor passed away, and the volunteers had a prayer with the family as they stopped by to visit Jason & Megan's new home

    Sharing a prayer with homeowner Linda and her caretaker

    A talented group of musicians led the singing after dinner

    Helping homeowners Jason & Danielle move into their newly remodeled home

    Installing the kitchen in Nadine's new home

    Final cleaning before move in for Jason & Danielle's remodeled home

    Starting the demolition of Paul's home in preparation for remodeling

    The girls' newly remodeled bedroom in Jason & Danielle's home

  • Week 5

    Volunteers this week came from: Bluffton, Bradford, Cissna Park, Eureka, Indianapolis, Latty, Milford, Morris, Peachtree City, Peoria, Princeville, Remington, Silverton, Tremont, Washington, Wolcott

    Dishwashing time in the kitchen

    There is enough energy left at the end of the day to still play games

    Finishing drywall at Barbara's new home

    Scripture written in concrete prior to flooring

    Flooring crew finishing a corner at Sergio & Alma's house

    New kitchen being installed for Chester & Pam

    Traversing the mud has been a constant battle at Anesse's new home

    Installing drywall up high in tight quarters

    Starting the decking on Anesse's front porch

    Receiving instructions from the construction leader

    Evening sing-a-long

    Work crew enjoying a Chick-fil-A lunch that Alma provided in her home

    Giving thanks for our many blessings

    Building relationships at Sergio and Alma's house

    Feeding the insulation blower at Linda's new home

    Gathering in the "Wednesday Room", preparing for dinner and church services on Wednesday evening

    Explaining the characteristics of a "Titus 2 church" on Wednesday evening

    Going through the breakfast line prior to starting the day's work

  • Week 4

    Weekly volunteers came from: Akron, Bern, Bluffton, Congerville, Detroit, Forrest, Gridley, Junction, Kansas City, Lamont-Gridley, Mansfield, Morton, Princeville, Rittman, Sabetha, Smithville, Tremont, West Bend

    Washing vehicle on a Saturday morning

    Sharing the gospel and a prayer at a roadside in Hardin County Texas

    Lots of activity in the kitchen

    Installing drywall at Nadine's new home

    Fresh coat of paint at Lonnie & Pam's house

    Accuracy is critical while installing new cabinets at Mark & Esther's house

    Unloading another load of trim at the Paint & Trim Shop

    Installing the electrical panel at Linda's new home

    Signs of spring in Southeast Texas

    Taking advantage of a beautiful day to pour concrete footings at Jason & Megan's new home

    Thankful for HarvestCall equipment that saves manual labor

    Windows going in Linda's new home

    Closing in the last open spaces on Linda's new home

    Learning new skills under the watchful eyes of the mentor

    Homeowner Jason and his mother sharing root beer floats with the volunteers

    Up high installing the soffit on Nadine's new home

    Lots of different activity at Nadine's new home

    Playing the old pump organ that homeowner Gary saved from the flood waters

    Flooring teamwork at Lonnie & Pam's home

  • Week 3

    Volunteers this week came from: Bluffton, Eureka, Fairbury, Forrest, Junction, Latty, Leo, Morton, Prescott, Princeville, Rittman, Tremont, and Washington

    Refrigerator stocked for a new week

    Teamwork including homeowner Gary installing new kitchen cabinets

    Installing sub-floor at Linda's new home

    Walls going up on Annese's new home

    Painting trim at the Paint & Trim Shop

    Drywall finishing at Lonnie & Pam's home

    Cleaning windows at Gary's house

    Framing interior walls at Linda's new home

    Kitchen ladies singing their "song"

    Installing flooring at Gary's house

    Sharing family time in the kitchen

    Evening relaxation time with a puzzle

    Teamwork is critical in getting things accomplished

    Serving another delicious dessert for the evening meal

    Homeowner Nadine thanking the HarvestCall volunteers for the progress on her new home

    Packing the day's lunch before breakfast

    Sharing a laugh while doing the dishes

    Volunteers write encouragement on posters and Bibles for the homeowners

    Cleaning up drywall finishing tools at the end of a successful day

    Insulating the walls at Barbara's new home

    Embedding our project's theme verse in the walls at Barbara's new home

  • Week 2

    Weekly volunteers came from: Bloomfield, Bloomington, Bluffton, Detroit, Fairbury, Junction, Mansfield, Milford, Morton, Princeville, Rockville, Silverton, Tremont, Washington

    Starting each week with a Sunday morning devotion with the long term staff

    Singing a few hymns after dinner each evening

    Thankful for our wonderful facility and beautiful weather in Kountze Texas

    Our cooks are wonderful at keeping the volunteers fed after a busy day of working

    View from upstairs as volunteers share their day's experiences

    Material storage and staging in sea containers at the church

    Discussing future plans and strategy with our partner in Hardin County Texas

    Clearing the lot in preparation of building Jason & Megan's new home

    Finishing a counter top challenge at Cindy's house

    Setting the first truss at Nadine's new home

    Kitchen ladies delivering root beer floats on site to the work teams

    Root beer float break for the crew framing Barbara's new home

    Homeowner relationships being built

    Finishing the roof on Nadine's new home

    Sharing the gospel with Nadine's neighbors

    Teamwork installing flooring at Sherman's house

    Putting in the foundation of Linda's new home

    Nadine with her work team

  • Week 1

    Week 1 volunteers came from: Bradford, Columbus, Congerville, Detroit, Eureka, Fairbury, Forrest, Princeville, Tremont, Washington.

    Laying the first cornerstone of Nadine's new home.

    Upside down shed resulting from the flood waters

    Preparing meals for 67 volunteers is an all-day job

    The paint & trim shop was a very active site this week

    Installing trim at Cindy's house

     Homeowner Gary sharing the story of the 10 lepers at the Wednesday night church service

    Repairing walls at Sherman's house

    Hooking up the new kitchen sink at Sherman's house

    Finishing drywall at Esther's house

    Many hands helped made the painting a huge success

    Pouring concrete footings for a new home

    Took advantage of an empty bus coming to Texas and filled it with supplies from Midwest Food Bank

    Inside of the bus filled with chips and paper products

    Volunteers organizing and stacking supplies from the bus into the gym

    Installing laminate flooring at Betty's house

    All the painters at Gary's house received roses from him

    Josh 24:15 etched in stone at Barbara's new house

    Experienced leaders teaching the next generation

    Enjoying lunch at a nearby park on a beautiful day

  • Prep Week

    Volunteers dedicated to spending three months helping Hardin County Texas Hurricane Harvey victims recover

    Theme verse for the 2019 Hardin County Texas project

    Organizational meeting with our Hardin County Long Term Recovery partners and HarvestCall construction leaders

    Setting up refrigeration in preparation for feeding volunteers

    Organizing the kitchen

    Moving 40 bed frames to the second floor volunteer dorm rooms

    Thankful for strong, willing volunteers

    Assembling the new HarvestCall Cookbooks

    Walking in the Light in Hardin County Texas

    Innovative method of moving 40 mattresses to the second floor dorm rooms

    Job Board serves as our "Command Center"

    Organizing the pantry in the kitchen trailer

    Sea containers for storage and staging material

    Identifying the puzzle pieces needed to assemble 20 bunk beds

    Thanks to our generous donors who have provided living facilities for our long-term volunteers

    In spite of several inches of rain on Wednesday and Thursday, footings were formed for Nadine's new house on Friday

    Ensuring that the footings for Nadine's new home are square and level

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