Hospitality Manager at Hospital Lumiere, Haiti

Seeking to fill this full-time paid position at Hospital Lumiere in Haiti.

Position Description: Responsible for the overall day to day management and coordination of the Hospital Lumiere Hotel, Guest House and Work Teams.

Reports to Hospital Lumiere Administrator

Qualifications include: Organization, planning and communication are key skills required for this position. This person will be the face of the Hospital team with full time physicians, visiting medical professionals and work team members. Must organize and schedule work team calendar, staff assignments, hotel housing assignments, meal planning and manage finances for the guest house & hotel. Ability to lead and manage people, be a believer in Jesus Christ, willing and capable of learning the Creole language and Haitian culture, willingness to reside in Haiti (with your spouse/family if applicable) for minimum of 4 years.

Terms of Service 

  • Full time residing in Haiti for a minimum of 4 years
  • Housing on Hospital Campus provided adjacent to other brethren and missionaries
  • Initial year of service requires a significant period of time and studying Haitian Creole and culture
  • Training will be provided prior to placement in the field. It is also desired that time will be allowed for a three month minimum transition period between the new Hospitality Manager and the existing, to allow for a successful transition.

Candidate selection, preparation, training, sending and supporting will be conducted using HarvestCall’s established Outreach Policies and Procedures.

For more information on Hospital Lumiere positions contact:
Bob Beebe