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In Pain - Looking for Help

Five-year-old Betchinie Blanchard was in pain. Family members brought her to Hospital Lumiere seeking help. As it turned out, Betchinie's abdominal pain and other symptoms were the result of malnourishment, a tragedy all too common in Haiti. During her month of treatment at Hospital Lumiere, Betchinie received medication, milk and food. She was very eager to eat, even when the food was too hot and she would continue eating after her little belly was full. Betchinie responded well to the care she received and is now thriving again.

Betchinie's family knew that Hospital Lumiere was a good hospital and they are very grateful for the care she received. Hospital Lumiere cannot solve all of Haiti's problems, but can provide loving care when there are opportunities. It's all part of the mission - "to provide excellent and effective medical care with compassion and Christian love".