Ixtlán School

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Prov. 1:7

“Good morning, teacher!” Juan Diego smiles out the classroom door as I walk by. Sure, they’re common words for anyone working in a school. They are basic and friendly, but they will always bring a smile. The soft Spanish accent only adds to the enjoyment of hearing the words. You see, it isn’t the words that bring the joy, it’s the child.

El Colegio de las Américas de Ixtlán is an outreach of the Apostolic Christian Church in Ixtlán, Mexico. We are a private Christian elementary school focused on teaching biblical values to students while providing a solid education, which is often difficult to find in Mexico.The school began in August 2009 with eight students in first grade, and currently serves 174 students in grades 1-9.

In order for the school to be accredited with the state, we use a standardized curriculum, but by including biblical teachings, we hope to have an impact on the children that will also affect the entire family.

Growing Opportunities

We have received permission from the state to open up a middle school so our students can continue their education in El Colegio de las Américas. Middle or secondary school is temporarily convened in the afternoons/evenings in our current building for school year 2018-2019. The construction on our new middle school facilities has been completed and final approval is expected in early 2019 so we can begin classes for the 2019-2020 school year. Our new secondary school campus is on a different property with much more room. The design includes space for possibly having a high school in the future. Praise God for His direction and guidance in this endeavor!

Opportunity in Teaching

God has provided capable teachers for the present school year, for which we are very grateful. Nevertheless, our desire is that gradually the majority of our staff could be made up of committed Christians. While even an unbeliever can be a good teacher in an academic subject, our prayer is that the Lord will bring us qualified Christian teachers who will be living examples of Christ in word and deed, and that He could convert the hearts of the teachers who do not yet know Him.

Due to current state education requirements, it is very difficult for an American to be able to teach in Mexico. A more viable alternative has been to hire Mexican teachers. This has also provided the blessing of employment for some of our local brothers and sisters.

Giving Opportunities

The 15-passenger van currently holds 21 students + 2 adults!

El Colegio de las Américas de Ixtlán depends largely on the generosity of our churches in the U.S. Thank you for your financial support and prayers that make a difference in the lives of many children in Mexico! 

Child Sponsorship opportunities exist for our children as well. Please see the child sponsorship page to get involved.