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Jamaican Children’s Transitional Home

A burden has been placed on the Jamaican HarvestCall missionaries and Caribbean Committee to establish a “safe place” for Jamaican children. Plans have begun with Jamaica CDA (Child Development Agency) to open a transitional home for babies (0-2) who need a temporary place to stay. Sis. Erin Davis plans to live in and provide a home where babies can be safe, loved and cared for, and stimulated properly in those first crucial months of life. Whether they need to stay for a few days, weeks, or months, a safe and nurturing place will be provided where they can be cared for until they find a long-term home. 

For a few years now, HarvestCall has been involved with a local children’s home in Mandeville, Jamaica. Comments are heard frequently from the manager, “we had to turn away 4 babies yesterday”, or “CDA called again and we had to turn away another baby”. Because there are limited homes that take babies, they must go to a hospital until a long-term home can be found. Children who arrive at the children’s home after time spent in a hospital struggle for weeks, months, and, sadly in some cases, years, to catch up for lack of love and affection during critical development months. Lord willing, our new transitional home will be a safe haven for these children. 

Please pray for the efforts of Sis. Erin and the Jamaican HarvestCall team as they are led to provide for these children. Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated. Donations can be made to the Jamaica-General Fund online or to the HarvestCall address.