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Joy Camp at CVE

The joy of the LORD is your strength. Neh 8:10 

Modeling the Emotion of Joy

We all appreciate moments of heartfelt joy, a good belly laugh, invigorating teamwork, or soul sharing with a close friend. For children who have grown up in an environment of fear, the emotion of joy can be foreign and difficult. By modeling how to experience joy in the context of a nurturing relationship, a child can be strengthened to face and resolve past wounds of abuse. Christ is at work patiently redeeming those years through “Joy Camp” which is held on the campus of CVE (Magdalena, MX) each summer during the month of July. While “Joy Camp” is primarily for the children, it also provides a discipling environment for the summer volunteers who make up a large portion of the camp staff.

A Meaningful Summer

Activities at “Joy Camp” range from highly kinesthetic obstacle courses and small group skits to quiet talks or personal journaling. Each summer volunteer is assigned to one student, a ‘buddy,’ to whom they model love, joy, patience, and connectedness.

The volunteers are prepared ahead of time through an intensive week of training, but the most valuable preparation is that of the heart, a heart filled with the Fruit of the Spirit. The camp runs each weekday from 10AM to 1PM so there is still significant time and flexibility to connect with CVE staff and summer interns, or to lend a hand with Expo projects.

Those considering this volunteer opportunity should have a strong growing relationship with Jesus Christ, a heart for children, and a willingness to serve in another culture. Applications are sent out by February of each year, and decisions are finalized by mid-April. If you have an interest in volunteering, please contact Bro. Keith Beyer at