Learn & Discern Prayer Group

Sorting through God’s leading about service

Are you wondering about a calling to serve as a HarvestCall missionary? Consider joining a small group of brethren to pray together about the Lord’s direction in your life.

This will be a safe place to confidentially your questions about missionary work and seek discernment along other brothers and sisters who are wrestling with the same questions.

No-pressure, no-commitment

It doesn’t matter whether this calling you are feeling is a just an initial thought or something you’ve wrestled with for months, or if your decision making timeline is near term or years down the road.

All ages are welcome. Those who are young or in college and wondering if their training and gifts may have a place on the mission field, may find this group particularly beneficial in their discernment process.

The group will connect through web conference on a regular basis to pray together and learn together regarding the work of the Lord in your lives. It will be a no-pressure, no-commitment way to discuss and receive support. The purpose is to be trusting the Lord together to work through each situation. 

Undoubtedly, there will times in which a brother or sister's engagement in this group may open new opportunities within their current station in life or may encourage them in how to better support our missionaries. And, in other cases, it may be that the Lord will use this time and connection to encourage brethren to step forward into missionary service. 

Again, this group will be a safe place to discuss and work through these issues with other brethren with no assumed conclusion


Learn more

If you are interested in joining a group, please contact Kirk Plattner (