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Making the Gospel Practical

In Haiti, decades of corruption, political conflicts, and failed policies have left many people in Haiti destitute, hopeless, and lacking necessary infrastructure that we in America take for granted. Out in the rural countryside of Haiti, local Haitian farmers stop by Good Vision Farm, location of the dairy ministry program, asking for seed or fertilizer, or if Mr. Les can plow their fields for them. They come willing to pay, with money in hand. They have no other way to obtain these services. In the US, we take our immense agricultural infrastructure for granted, and it just doesn’t exist in Haiti. The visibility of the emerging activity, construction and happenings at the Good Vision Farm provides great opportunities for modelling Christian living and applying biblical principles. Bro. Les Kaeb, program administrator in Haiti for the HarvestCall Haiti Dairy Program, finds ways to show applications daily with the workers at the farm and the many local farmers they interact with.

An example of this happened recently. One day Les came in from seeding a field and realized his key ring had fallen off his belt loop. Les, along with helpers Jony and Samuel, headed toward the field to look for a figurative needle in a haystack, potentially buried by the seeder behind the tractor. Les paused to pray beside the tractor as the others walked ahead. As he then followed them, he watched Samuel walk along the field, look down, bend and pick up the keys, as if an angel had guided him straight to them. God doesn’t always answer our prayers in such an obvious way, but when he does, it’s a wondrous reminder of the amazing God we serve.

The people in the region are very aware of this HarvestCall ministry. A Christian research firm recently surveyed Haitian residents to determine their perception of the HarvestCall dairy program. It was amazing how positive the responses were, beginning with the very first venture after purchasing the land…installing a community well. Respondents reported that they had already been touched by the gospel preached by HarvestCall, except that to them that gospel has been more practical than what they are used to. For instance, they believe that the construction of the community well was a Godsend. It was built right before three consecutive years of drought, Haiti’s worst in 35 years. The main rivers and other sources of waters were dried. The well was the only point of water available in the community. “We wonder if it was not a miracle.” Every day there were long lines at the well with people, motorcycles, and vehicles coming to get water for all sorts of needs, including drinking, washing, farming, etc. People came from all the neighboring communities. They concluded that “The well is a fortune for us.”

We would love to share more stories and plans that we have for this Good Vision Farm. Please come to the 2ndAnnual Haiti Dairy Benefit Dinner on Saturday, August 11, 2018 from noon to 3 at the Mueller Barn in Clinton, Wisconsin (about 20 miles north of Belvidere, IL). We are planning a delicious summer picnic meal of smoked pork tenderloin, baked beans, potato salad, creamy cole slaw, and watermelon; you are invited to fix your own ice cream sundae for dessert. We are looking forward to sharing the new video that is being put together right now for the Good Vision Farm, and attendees of the benefit dinner will be among the very first to view it. Seating is limited. To RSVP, or for more information, visit