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Opportunities to Help, Close to Home


Most likely you've heard about children from various places who are cold or hungry. You may have wondered, "How can I help?" Perhaps you've read about our Distribution Centers that send food, comforters, and other items to those in need and thought, "That sounds wonderful, but I don't live near any Distribution Center." Did you know that any of our churches, no matter the size or location, can contribute items to a Distribution Center?

Health, School, and Layette Kits

Perhaps you remember the excitement of getting supplies for a new school year. Imagine a young boy who has no way to obtain supplies and then is delivered a little cloth bag with pencils, eraser, ruler and crayons just for him! You can provide such items for children through the HarvestCall school kits. In addition to school kits, brethren and friends also assemble health kits, which provide hygiene items, and layette kits for baby care needs.

Specific instructions for kits are found here.

Before assembling any kits, contact Sis. Carol Indermuhle at 330-658-4731. Having a coordinator ensures that we do not end up with an abundance of one type of kit and a shortage of another.

Sewing Groups

If you become chilly on a winter night, you may reach for an afghan or another comforter. But what if you had no extra covers? Sisters from across the country work together to make comforters that are ultimately shipped to Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, and Eastern Europe. Comforters are also distributed locally to places such as children's homes, homeless shelters, and women's resource centers.

Patterns and instructions for sewing projects are on the website. Sis. Connie Bauman (330-669-2842) or Sis.Eileen Stoller (330-683-5951) can provide additional information about comforters.

Other Local Project Ideas

Assembling kits and sewing comforters are only two of the many project ideas your local church can work on. Collection drives can also be held. Here is a list of needed items.

Donations Make a Difference!

The Distribution Centers respond to needs locally, nationally, and internationally. However, they would have nothing to distribute if it wasn't for the generous donations from the brethren. Donations of time are essential for assembling and organizing items for distribution. Monetary donations are also important for shipping and for the purchase of ingredients and supplies.

Prayers for both the volunteers and the recipients are fundamental to the operation of the Distribution Centers and all our other HarvestCall ministries.