Other Local Project Ideas

Although local ministry is technically part of the local church, not HarvestCall, we maintain this section as a resource to help facilitate local outreach.


When doing projects, funding must come from your local church since these are local church outreaches.


Each church can do things which interest their congregation.


Each church can get together in the way it works out for their congregation. Whether women get together in the days, or everyone in the congregation gets together one evening a month, or everyone getting together for a series of days a couple times a year. Anything works.


Items made during local projects are distributed by your local church. Please do not drop off these items at the Distribution Centers.


There are no quantities which have to be met.

Everything is appreciated!

List of Ideas

Compiled from various Apostolic Christian churches (links coming soon)

Nursing Homes

Pediatric Units in the Hospitals

Crisis Center

Children’s Home

Local Food Pantry

Crisis Pregnancy Center


Soup Kits

Soldier Care boxes

If you have more ideas of local projects that could be added here, contact Carol Indermuhle, indemuhle@ohio.net or 330-658-4731.