Professionals in the Medical Field

Full Time/Long Term Opportunities at Hospital Lumiere

Professionals with training, skills and experience in the medical field who have a desire to serve at Hospital Lumiere in Haiti are encouraged to contact us. Current medical positions:

Physician: (General Medicine/Family Practice, Internists, Orthopedists, Surgeons, OB/GYN) These positions are intended to serve patients, lead a department and mentor/train Haitian physicians.

Anesthesiology: (Anesthesiologist and CRNA’s)

Nurse Practitioner: Support and mentor positions for medical and patient care within the hospital and clinic.

Nurse: Support and mentor Haitian nursing staff, engage in patient care

There are many needs for medical professionals to serve the patients and Haitian staff including those listed above. If you are led to the mission field but your skill set and qualifications are not a good match for the positions listed above, please contact us. There is flexibility on requirements listed as well as job descriptions and qualifications. Many times, the role that is filled can be developed to fit the gifts of each applicant.

For additional details for this exciting and worthy position contact

Tom Hitz