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Providing clean water in the name of Jesus

“And God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water: and she went, and filled the bottle with water, and gave the lad drink” Genesis 21: 19

Can you imagine walking a mile or more just to get water for your daily needs such as drinking? Here in America we just turn the faucet in our homes and out pours clean water! But most Haitians rely on community wells for their water and the well may be far away so it is tempting for them to take their water from a contaminated source such as a stream. Almost every stream you cross in Haiti has animals using it and also people using it for washing clothes, dishes, cars, and bathing. This contributes greatly to Haiti’s health problems. World Relief’s Haiti Water Aid has drilled over 900 wells in the past 25 years near Les Cayes in southern Haiti to help ease this need for clean water. Sturdy hand pumps that say “IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST” on them are installed on the wells. These pumps are built by our brethren in Indiana. But even with all these wells there is still a great need for more wells to be drilled.

HWA Mission Statement

“The mission of Haiti Water Aid is to provide needy Haitians with good clean water within reasonable walking distance. Knowing the problems of unsafe drinking water, we wish to provide drilling equipment, supplies, and training of the Haitians to drill wells for themselves. We do this in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Haitian Drilling Team

Providing more wells is where our Haitian drilling team comes in. There is an old saying, “Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day – teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. World Relief has provided this Haiti Water Aid mission with a large rotary drill rig, and provides the supplies needed to drill over 50 wells per year. Two sea containers per year are sent to Haiti with drilling supplies. Five Haitians have been trained to drill the wells. They are wonderful Christian examples for Haiti and very good at drilling wells. They operate the equipment to drill wells without our assistance when we are not there. They also repair the wells if they fail. Three Water Aid mission trips are planned every year in November, January, and March to help them maintain their equipment and assist with the drilling. It is a wonderful and rewarding experience to work with these dedicated Haitians.   

About the mission

This mission started with a small trailer-mounted drilling rig in 1985 drilling only a few wells per year. In 2004 a large truck-mounted modern drill rig was reconditioned and sent to Haiti. Production has increased considerably over the years and they now drill about one well every week. The community receiving the well pays part of the cost of the well. This pays the salary of the drillers and buys fuel for the trucks. This also helps the community to feel ownership and take care of the well.

How you can help

We are very thankful for the prayers and support shown to this mission. We are very thankful we have faithful brethren that continue to volunteer for Water Aid work trips. Without these volunteers we would not be able to continue the mission. But there continues to be a need for more brethren to fill these work teams. While mechanical knowledge is helpful, it is not absolutely necessary. On the work trip, we usually spend several days working on the equipment then help drill a well. Trip schedules can be found in the Silver Lining or on  

Prayers are needed for the mission. This is difficult, and sometimes dangerous, work. Wells are occassionally drilled on top of mountains and the roads are treacherous. Pray for the Haitian drill team’s safety. Also pray for the health of the drillers as they have many medical problems.  

Donations can be made to World Relief with Haiti Water Aid designated. Since the current drill rig is very old and requires much maintenance, we are considering purchasing a newer drill rig and additional funding will be needed to make this happen.

We also have a donated well fund where you can donate $2,000 to provide a well for a community that cannot afford the fee. The community is then asked to pay only a small amount they can afford. If you participate in this fund, information on where the well is drilled and photos of the well will be sent to the contributor. Contact Maurice Schaefer at (309) 253-9003 or for details.