Set up Week

23 people have felt led by God to commit to 3 months of serving in Chester, South Carolina.

Ray & Glad Slagel, Fairbury; Phil & Janie Price, Milford; Ron Farney, Bloomington; Stan & Genny Isch, Bluffton; Tim & Barb Slagel, Washington; Charlie & Paula Knapp, Bloomington; Marilyn Baumgartner, Bluffton; Ed Beard, Sardis; Stan & Margie Schick, Princeville; Cloyce & Carol Gress, Detroit; Emily Hartter, Washington; Mindy Bradle, Roanoke; Jared Knapp, Forrest; Trent Koch, Tremont; Barry & Joyce Kloter, Goodfield.


After questions and many prayers, we are assured this is the place God wants us to be. Plenty of work and people in need.

Unpacking the loaded kitchen trailer. So blessed with Midwest Food Bank food donations.

The massive job board is assembled and ready to keep the many jobs organized.

Sometimes ladders aren’t necessary.

Assembling Blessing Bags to again bless the people we come in contact with.

The vehicle keyboard is ready and our theme this year is LED BY HIS HAND.

New this year are HarvestCall Tshirts available for purchase.

The in-house job board is ready to go. There will be more Sharing the Gospel studies during devotion time.

Fried Bologna sandwich is a South Carolina tradition- a must try.