Setup and Week 1

The HarvestCall Ministry required more patience this year as we waited for God’s direction and His timing.

The commissary is much smaller than what has been used in the past but the ranch is a beautiful location and with some great organization the kitchen area was set up and meeting the needs.

 The commissary and restroom trailer are conveniently located together.

Thankful and relieved when all HarvestCall vehicles and trailers had arrived safely.

Tool trailers were organized and ready to be used.

Many sit down and stand up meetings were held with the leaders as preparations were made for this ministry to begin.

Job assignment and menu board showed it was time to begin!

Although much food was donated from Midwest Food Bank, groceries were still needed to be ready for the first team.

Team one arrived on Feb. 7th from Eureka, LaCrosse, Bloomington, Sabetha, Washington, Princeville, Austin, WI, Tremont, Detroit, Roanoke, Junction, Prescott, Goodfield, Congerville, Smithville, Morton, Bloomfield, Bluffton, Peoria, Milford, Elgin, Fairbury.

Feb 8th Monday morning beginning- Hoods Up!

The cooks gather to plan the menus.

 Land clearing began to prepare 4 new home sites.

Team members also began working on 3 home repair jobs

It was amazing the work that was completed the first week with home repairs and foundations ready for framing. 

Phone connections are not the greatest at the ranch, makes us thankful that the first ever cordless phone was created by God. He named it PRAYER.. It never loses its signal and you never have to recharge it.

HarvestCall ministry is truly all about relationships.