Prep Week

Volunteers dedicated to spending three months helping Hardin County Texas Hurricane Harvey victims recover

Theme verse for the 2019 Hardin County Texas project

Organizational meeting with our Hardin County Long Term Recovery partners and HarvestCall construction leaders

Setting up refrigeration in preparation for feeding volunteers

Organizing the kitchen

Moving 40 bed frames to the second floor volunteer dorm rooms

Thankful for strong, willing volunteers

Assembling the new HarvestCall Cookbooks

Walking in the Light in Hardin County Texas

Innovative method of moving 40 mattresses to the second floor dorm rooms

Job Board serves as our "Command Center"

Organizing the pantry in the kitchen trailer

Sea containers for storage and staging material

Identifying the puzzle pieces needed to assemble 20 bunk beds

Thanks to our generous donors who have provided living facilities for our long-term volunteers

In spite of several inches of rain on Wednesday and Thursday, footings were formed for Nadine's new house on Friday

Ensuring that the footings for Nadine's new home are square and level