Setup Week

Volunteers dedicated to spending three months helping Orange County Texas Hurricane Harvey victims recover

Theme for the 2020 Project is "Sowing Seeds of Goodness" - Galatians 6:9

Welcome sign at the North Orange Baptist Church, our home for the next 3 months

 IConnect and Orange County Disaster Recovery are our partners

Ann from IConnect reviewing purchasing procedures

Organizing the kitchen/pantry trailer

Donated meat from Midwest Food Bank heading to the freezer

Unloading bunk beds to be set up in the dorms

Organizing the freezer space for the kitchen

Volunteers organizing the kitchen

Figuring out where all the pieces go in assembling bunk beds

Assembling the bunk beds in the women's dorm

Assembling the bunk beds in the men's dorm

First item up on the job board

Trailers set up outside of the kitchen and dining area of the North Orange Baptist Church

Women's dorm ready for volunteers

New portable salad bar toppings station

Footings were completed for George & LaDonna's new home this week

Site prep for George & LaDonna's new home