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Simone Orphanage Expands into Second Facility in Les Cayes, Haiti

When entering the Simone Orphanage, visitors are greeted with a lineup of neatly dressed young girls, who readily give an affectionate embrace to all those who express love. The facility is home to approximately 32 children. They receive education, are well fed and cared for, and most importantly, are taught the gospel message.

A group of elementary school children from the Simone Orphanage moved to a new home north of Les Cayes this summer, as a second facility for the children was completed. This facility has been under construction for several years and the children are happy to be settled in at their new facility. Michaelle, one of the operators at Simone orphanage, moved to the facility with the new residents.

The older students remained in Simone at the original facility. These students need to be closer to activities, work locations, and schools of higher education. In addition, the elementary school at the Simone Orphanage is used by neighborhood children. Gerta has remained as the operator of the original facility.

The Simone Orphanage is located just down the road from the Citi Lumiere compound with guesthouse and missionary residences. The orphanage has been supported by HarvestCall and the Francesville Church for approximately 10 years. The elementary school was added several years ago to give these children a chance at an education and exposure to the gospel in their curriculum. As the number of residents grew, a second home was needed. Thanks to the Francesville church and HarvestCall support, the Simone Orphanage has continued to be a place where Jesus is taught and young lives develop in his love. Some of the former students have gone on to medical, legal, agricultural, and other higher education careers. Please pray for the work at both homes.