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Small flock in Barra Vieja

About forty-five minutes from Acapulco, nestled along Mexico’s sandy Pacific coast, lies Barra Vieja. In contrast with modern Acapulco, Barra Vieja seems quiet and quaint. Most of the business is fishing, agriculture, and seafood restaurants. Yet, something much more significant is going on here. 

Barra Vieja and the neighboring town, Las Lomas, are home to four baptized members of the Apostolic Christian Church. For over twelve years, they have continued to faithfully serve the Lord. Without a minister, church building, regular visits, or many of the things we take for granted, the Holy Spirit has sustained this little flock. They have experienced joys and pains, temptations and falls, but together they encourage each other forward. Little-by-little, others in the family are being drawn by their witness and the Word. They desire to learn more about Christ. They continue to pray for God to send someone to come and live with them. Might God be preparing you?

What you can do: 

  • Don’t know Spanish? You can still pray. Thank God for these faithful brethren and pray for their spiritual growth through recent trials.
  • Hablas español? Spanish-speaking brethren who visit for a week can be a great encouragement. If you have a desire to visit Barra Vieja for a short trip, please email Bro. Rudy Troxel
  • If you are interested in knowing more about long-term missionary opportunities in Barra Vieja, please contact Elder Bro. Mike Leman