How to Sponsor a Child (or a School)

Ready to get started?  There are several ways to do it:

1. If you desire to sponsor a child of a certain age, gender, or country, click on one of the links below where children are currently available:

2. If you have no preference of child's age, gender, or country, fill out the application below or on our Child Sponsorship Brochure. Brochures should also be available at your local Apostolic Christian Church (if not, request one from your local HarvestCall Representative).

3. If you desire to sponsor a specific school click here: Sponsor School. If you have no preference, use the form below and indicate "No Preference" in the comments section.

4. You may contact us by phone, fax, email, or letter...whichever is most convenient for you. Be sure to provide complete contact information and note any preferences you may have regarding the age, gender, or location for your sponsored child. If you are choosing a specific child from our selection in the individual country pages, please enter the child's name correctly.

5. Occasionally there are opportunities to sponsor students at the university level. These students have the desire and potential to be leaders in their fields and in their countries. One of your sponsored children may reach that level or you may choose to begin sponsoring at that level.

Need more information?  Here's what's involved:

  1. As a student advances through the grades from primary to secondary and ultimately to a trade school or university, the tuition and fees increase substantially. Monthly costs can range from $30 to $35/month for primary grades (1-6th), $35 to $45/month for secondary grades (7-13th), $35 to $60/month for trade schools and $100 to $150/month for a university education.
  2. In addition, school sponsorships are available in Haiti for approximately $125/month. Please check the Pricing Structure and Sponsor Expectations section for more details.
  3. The children enjoy getting letters and pictures from their sponsor.
  4. A vital part of the sponsorship is praying.
  5. Gifts can be sent (up to $25) for the child’s birthday and Christmas. These amounts can be added to your regular payment and paid once per year or closer to the event.
  6. We provide reminders when your next payment is coming due or is past due.

What's expected of the child?

  1. Attend school regularly and maintain passing grades. Students who fail to be promoted to the next grade are allowed to repeat that grade one more time. After a second year, they are no longer allowed to be part of the program. There are many students that can be sponsored, and the students must show initiative and resolve to stay in the program.
  2. Send correspondence once or twice a year to the sponsor, and a thank you after receipt of each gift. Student correspondence is a challenge for our field organizations, and we ask for your patience as we continue to focus on this area.
  3. Regularly attend church and/or Bible lessons. In Haiti, for example, the students must show their record of attendance at church when they come to collect their funds.