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Taking Things For Granted – School Desks for Haiti

For Granted: To consider something as being innately or unfailingly true, correct, real, or available.”

When you went to grade school, you probably never wondered if you would have a school desk available. But, that’s not the case in Haiti. Many schools don’t have the funds necessary to provide desks, which results in a less functional learning environment.

HarvestCall Child Sponsorship has been addressing that need for several years, through a special grant from the Apostolic Christian Endowment Fund. In 2015, we utilized trade school students to build enough desks for ~2,500 children, which was greatly appreciated by our Christian education partners, school administration, faculty and students. Not only are we contributing desks to improve the effectiveness of the classroom environment, but we are providing a meaningful work experience for supervised trade school students. The Endowment Fund administrators have been gracious to recently fund enough desks to support ~2,000 more students. To put this in perspective, these new desks will serve over one-third of the ~14,000 students who attend our sponsored schools in Haiti.

The accompanying photos show the quality of the desks and the effort it takes to distribute them to some of the more isolated rural schools, especially in the mountains. The young man in the photo is not only carrying a heavy desk above his head, but the walk back to his village took three hours over difficult terrain!

There’s a saying that “nothing is easy in Haiti.” Everyday life is a struggle and Haitians don’t take necessities for granted, like clean water, food, shelter, etc. It’s a blessing to provide school desks to enable our mission to “provide a Christ-centered education to needy children.”