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Education Service Center

McAllen, Texas

Job Description

View the website for the Education Service Center (ESC) at">"> This site lists various teaching positions available in the South Texas Region, which actually ranges from Laredo to Brownsville, Texas, a span of about 200 miles. This is pretty much considered the Rio Grande Valley. The ESC is the HUB for school districts in the area. The link will provide most of the education jobs in the Valley. There is also an abundance of Charter Schools which do not list job openings on the ESC site. However, Brother Robers Mecidor lives in McAllen and teaches Chemistry in a Charter School, which has been listed as a top 10 school district in the Nation in the past. Bro. Andy Plattner can be contacted through the information below to learn about the area in greater detail.

Education Level

Ranges from High school diploma to Masters Degree depending on the position.


Andy Plattner