Week 2

Week 2 team arrived Sunday evening from Tremont, Lamont, Bloomington, Detroit, Akron, Columbus, Sabetha, Congerville, Rittman, Bloomfield and Smithville.

After Orientation, the crews are interested in understanding the blueprints.

The ranch is a peaceful, quiet setting. 

The job sites are 30-45 minutes from the ranch setting.

For one remodel job, the house was jacked up and pulled back together.

Homeowners show appreciation as they learn of their house plan.

In just 2 weeks a remodel project is completed.

4 new homes each at a different stage. All lost everything in the fire. Glasgow

Real teamwork in action.

Riley home

Ramon family home

Good foundations make for a strong building.

Leaving a mark to point to God who gets all the glory.

We've been blessed with beautiful weather, and so thankful.