Week 10

Week 10 the ICC Bradley Young Group came over their spring break. The churches that were represented were Morton, Roanoke, Washington, Congerville, Tremont, Peoria, Princeville, Eureka, Goodfield, and Gridley.

Memory verse for the week.

The week began with a beautiful snowfall.

The success of the week was a direct result from all the prayers offered up to our AWESOME God.

Sharing the love of Jesus with Patricia. Her husband, bound to a wheelchair and needed a ramp.

Final electrical work is accomplished at Brenda Livingston home.

Melissa's porch was remodeled. This week the team finished the work in her kitchen, making her extremely thankful to have running HOT water after having just a drip.

The work team created a THANKFUL board for Melissa out of the old wood from her porch.

Freddie Mae's house and shed were caulked and painted by the crew.

Mudding, sanding and final painting inside the house.

At Peggy's house insulation was installed in the attic and completion of drywall mudding and sanding.

Cleaned up and ready for Paint!

At Martha's the week started with painting and ended with flooring and cabinets installed.

A bed was constructed and put in place for Juan's 3 year old grandson.

Juan's house was deep cleaned for furniture moved in and waiting for final inspection.

The college students so generously bought clothes and diapers to fill the needs.

Highlight for Week 10 was the moment the occupancy papers were signed and Jamir, the case manager, gave the Wells family the keys to their new home.