Week Ten

Team 10 came from Morton, Goodfield, Princeville, Roanoke, Bloomington, Peoria, Tremont, Washington, Steven Point, WI and Rockville.

Great victory this week as 3 homeowners were cleared to move into their new home.

A day for praising as Harvestcall passed the keys over to Ms. Felicia.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ms. Jacki's home had wiring jobs completed.

College students did a great job cleaning up Cannonball's yard.

Niyah extremely happy to see her new closets and the ramp for her grandpa.

At David Lee's home the roof work was completed.

Thankful there were NO injuries.

Week 10 was most exciting as the custom built mobile home was brought in and put into place.

Preparations made to set up Ms.Sybal's new home.

Friday results.

Every week the “Mary team” spends time visiting homeowners & taking time to pray with them.

Kitchen crew delivers root beer floats AND hot chocolate...hard to know which to drink with the ever changing weather.

We were blessed with Carlos' church family providing a full Southern meal for us. Also that night heard grateful homeowners' testimonies.

Third trip for the Berean bus to Camp LaVida, South Carolina.