Week 10

This week's volunteers came from: Chicago, Elgin, Eureka, Forrest, Goodfield, Mediapolis, Morton, Peoria, Princeville, Roanoke, Rockville, Tremont, and Washington

Homeowners Jason & Megan serving lunch to the volunteers

Volunteers are being housed in Sunday School rooms that have been converted to dorms

Weekly volunteers packing lunches for the day

Framing the ramp at Renee's new home

Shovel work to get the correct fill under the front porch at Renee's new home

Praying with homeowner Willie after the news that his uncle had passed away the day before

Volunteers framing a closet at Willie's house

Embedding scripture under the deck on Jason & Megan's new home

Barbara taking a look at the new Bible that was given to her by HarvestCall, in her new home

Volunteers installing new kitchen cabinets in Sergio & Alma's house

Group of volunteers painting in Renee's new home

Volunteers enjoying a visit with homeowner Annese after dinner

Homeowners Jason & Megan's 4 year-old son Colt helping with the dishes after dinner

Kitchen volunteers frosting cupcakes for dinner

Nadine reviewing the Bible given to her by the HarvestCall volunteers in her finished new home

Trim, cabinets, and electrical all happening at the same time at Jason & Megan's new home

ICC/BU Young Group singing after dinner

Volunteers highlighted their favorite verses and left encouraging notes for homeowner Annese in her new Bible

Nadine happily displaying her keys to her new home