Week 10

Apostolic Christian church congregations represented this week included: Bern, Bluffton, Elgin, Eureka, Fairbury, Forrest, Junction, Kansas City, Morris, Princeville, Remington, Rockville, Silverton, Washington, Winthrop and Wolcott

Packing sack lunches prior to starting the work day

Early morning devotion on Becoming More Like Jesus

Preparing the roller to paint the ceiling at Bryan's remodeled home

Kitchen ladies brought coffee cake to the painters at Casey & Kimberly's remodeled home

New floor, covering the old, at Bryan's remodeled home

Moving the new furniture into Bobbie's new home

Lunch break in the back yard of Maria's remodeled home

Cleaning & furniture assembly crew performing their version of a familiar song

Bobbie looking over her new home as she takes ownership

Final electrical work on Maria's remodeled home

Sheet rock installation at Alford's new Rapido home

Finalizing kitchen cabinet installation at Kenny's remodeled home

Installing upper kitchen cabinets at Maria's remodeled home

Scraping and cleaning the old floor in preparation for the new floor at Bryan's remodeled home

Taking an ice cream break at Bryan's remodeled home

Making the bed after delivery of the new furniture at Bobbie's new home