Week 11

Week 11 brought team members from Ft. Scott, Sabetha, Eureka, Sarasota, Bloomington, Remington, Leo, Morris, Detroit, Roanoke, Francesville, Bern, Elgin, Prescott, Milford, Bluffton, Gridley, Forrest, Sardis, Goodfield, Silverton, Tremont, Princeville, Washington, Fairbury.  Memory verse for the week was Matthew 25:40

First group picture with a drone.

This week was special as more homeowners were welcomed to their new home.

Happy day for Juan and his family as the pods were emptied and his belongings were once again at home!

Santiago loved his new bed and his mama loved the dresser filled with clothes.

Steve was so happy to help with the mailbox installation at their new home.

Home Sweet Home!

Cleaned and ready for occupancy at Livingston's.

Special moment as key is passed onto new owner!

The hard working crew was allowed a lunch break at Freddie Mae's.

Kitchen cabinets, new flooring and painted walls were completed inside which matched greatly to the finished job outside.

The USA committee was on site for a meeting and made time to tour several of the homes.This is Freddie Mae new kitchen and floor.


At Ms. Peggy Pitts all walls & ceilings were painted and new kitchen installed making for a very happy woman.

At Martha Mae's the electrical crew worked hard to be ready for inspection, while the painting crew did their best to also be ready for final inspection.

Celebration hug!  All inspections completed meaning Martha can move in! 

New Project started on Monday in Chester. Water damage over the years created rotting floors. This family was elated to have floors patched, new roof, installed water heater and a new stove.

With temperature in the 80's the Strawberry Floats from the kitchen crew was a real treat.