Week Eleven

Team 11 came from Sabetha, Eureka, Wolcott, Washington, Bradford, Remington, Elgin, Goodfield, Leo, Morris, Detroit, Rockville, Junction, Bern, Winthrop, Francesville, Kansas City, Forrest, West Bend, Latty and Mediapolis.

Team work is essential and brings great results.

Two more happy and thankful homeowners.

ACHC staff was present this week to record the special dedication event and interview homeowners and volunteers.

Keeping the gospel message first and foremost in mind.

Another burned out mobile home is knocked down and burned to make ready for a replacement.

More deck work for Ms. Sybal.

50# of donated pecans provided hours of fellowship opportunities.

Cannonball and Liz" daughter flew in from New York for the dedication.

Sharing Christ’s love builds relationships.