Week 11

Apostolic Christian church congregations represented this week included: Bloomington, Bluffton, Bradford, Detroit, Eureka, Fairbury, Forrest, Francesville, Princeville, Rockville, Silverton and Washington

Message on the video board at the North Orange Baptist Church

Final cleaning before Maria's move into her newly remodeled home

Final finish of Bryan's remodeled home

Finishing the electrical at Bryan's remodeled home

Installing ridge cap on Kenny's remodeled home

Painting crew taking a lunch break at Bryan's remodeled home

Everyone pitching in to get the work done during the final week

Last day of cleaning at Maria's remodeled home

Turning the keys over to Maria's family in front of their remodeled home

Collecting trash at the end of the project

Singing to Kenny after he received the keys to his newly remodeled home

Delivering a ramp through a tight gate

Bryan receiving poster and blankets while taking ownership of his newly remodeled home

Final cleanup at the Paint & Trim shop at port

Disassembly and loading of bunk beds prior to exit

Lineup of vehicles prior to returning home

Orange County Disaster Recovery presenting a plaque of appreciation

In spite of canceled volunteers, all commitments were met and the project was still completed on time in Orange County Texas.  To God Be the Glory!!!