Week 12

Team members for the final week came from Lamar, Wolcott, Iowa City, Princeville, Taylor, Peoria, Tremont, Detroit, Junction, Morton, Prescott and Mediapolis.

The final week began with a spectacular sunrise and devotions with the long term staff.

These boots have done their job! Three months of hard work. Thanks Phil!!

A storm early Wed. morning took a tree down and took out the power for a family. The team cut up the tree and helped get power restored.

These young volunteers spent Wednesday helping an elderly lady remove wet insulation from the exterior walls of her Smithville, TX home. There were flash floods in the area the prior week. Some homes in this neighborhood were flooded with over a foot of water.


Washing dishes is equally appreciated. The cooks were thankful for the additional help this week.

The few items this homeowner could quickly take with her before the devastating fires reached her former home were the first to be displayed in her new home. She shared that these cherished items were hand crafted by her late husband

HarvestCall was able to help seven more families financially during the last week. Maria shared her experience with the flood disaster and how she felt God’s strong nearness. She left work early because of the storm, but had called her neighbor to get her nine year old son Alex to safety. (He was in the house and no water had come inside.) Afterwards when they opened the door of their flooded home the water was waist deep. She was so thankful that God had kept her son safe. She then felt called to help a neighbor who was clinging to an air conditioner to keep from being swept away. Maria doesn’t swim but went into the water to help. She shared how God always gives you guidance, but you must listen. An older son shared he was at a loss for words to share his appreciation for the help given them. He apologized because he wanted to show his gratitude and the words wouldn’t come.

Frank Garza lost his home AND his wife Inez. They were both swept away very unexpectedly, he clung to a tree. In this picture is his Neighbor who helped rescue him from the tree. Also, his granddaughter who shared what a great person Inez was. Through the tragedy and the sadness they all shared how Great our God is. Margaret his neighbor testified that the water was calm for her to get into to help with the rescue. Others say it was not, but she knows God calmed it for her to accomplish what she did. HarvestCall provided a new mobile home for Frank.

The Durango stays in Texas.

Mike, Debbie, Katie felt happiness restored as they will have a warm safe home again, once the new mobile home is delivered.

Several homeowners graciously allowed HarvestCall to interview them, many shared of renewed hope. Look for the inclusion of their testimonies in the USA Rebuilding Project video to be released early this summer.

With thankful hearts the kitchen gets packed up, tool trailers arranged and vehicles head north.

It’s an Honor to Serve

to join in the fight,

to lift up my voice,

to lay down my life.

Giving Glory to God

seeking none in return.

It’s an honor an honor to serve.

2016 ministry in Texas has come to an end but the connections will last a lifetime.
May God bless each person whose lives were touched and everyone that came to serve.