Week 1

Week 1 brought team members from Tremont, Eureka, Bradford, Washington, Princeville, Forrest, Detroit, Mediapolis, Fairbury, Princeville, Burlington, Congerville, Peoria, Elgin.

Sunday morning devotions prepare the home team for the week ahead.

Life at camp is never complete without our wonderful kitchen crew. They start each day bright and early to prepare us a wonderful breakfast and work throughout the day to prepare our supper meal for the volunteers when they come back to camp at night. Our volunteers know they will get a delicious meal every time!

Painting trim at camp for the new houses. Warmest spot to work this week.

With delay on starting new houses, six roofs were torn off and shingled this week. Each home had a different level of skill required.

Construction changes direction as more damage found. People wonder why so much roof repair while working with flood disaster. Roofs were in need of repair and leaking before the heavy downpour rains. More repair work inside awaits once roof is completed.

Knowledge and the right tools are key in this repair job.

Team work is essential and made for a very successful week of accomplishments.

It's hard to capture all the activity going on inside this two story home's large remodel project. The home was gutted, creating the need for plumbing, electrical, drywall, and new roof work.

On the Jones project the deck frame was constructed and moved into place.

Cheerful workers brings joy to all.

A moldy flood-damaged home was demolished and site prep will begin on Monday.

 A wonderful part of the work team experience is sharing the love of Christ with the homeowners. These ladies shared dinner with us and enjoyed the singing and fellowship.