Week 1

Week 1 volunteers came from: Bradford, Columbus, Congerville, Detroit, Eureka, Fairbury, Forrest, Princeville, Tremont, Washington.

Laying the first cornerstone of Nadine's new home.

Upside down shed resulting from the flood waters

Preparing meals for 67 volunteers is an all-day job

The paint & trim shop was a very active site this week

Installing trim at Cindy's house

 Homeowner Gary sharing the story of the 10 lepers at the Wednesday night church service

Repairing walls at Sherman's house

Hooking up the new kitchen sink at Sherman's house

Finishing drywall at Esther's house

Many hands helped made the painting a huge success

Pouring concrete footings for a new home

Took advantage of an empty bus coming to Texas and filled it with supplies from Midwest Food Bank

Inside of the bus filled with chips and paper products

Volunteers organizing and stacking supplies from the bus into the gym

Installing laminate flooring at Betty's house

All the painters at Gary's house received roses from him

Josh 24:15 etched in stone at Barbara's new house

Experienced leaders teaching the next generation

Enjoying lunch at a nearby park on a beautiful day