Week 3

Week 3 volunteers came from Tremont, Rockville, Peachtree City, Sardis, Bradford, Bluffton, Goodfield and Princeville.
Memory Verse for the week was Acts 1:8.

Thankful that this steep roof was completed with no injuries. Four more roofs were repaired.

Any age, any gender can assist in the kitchen. Pancakes for breakfast!

Many hearts were blessed as this flood-surviving family was moved from a motel room to a rental mobile home.

Final preparation work at the Livingston lot so foundation work can begin.

The Lord always sends the right people for the job. Livingston's low lot required five rows of block.

Cutting reinforcing rods for footings at the Wells lot.

Inspection passes and the work progresses forward!

Teachable moments.

A young, diligent worker improves the efficiency of the block layers.

Setting the center beam takes teamwork. Much like our spiritual life, we need Christ as our center beam to have a firm foundation.

Framing begins at the Cabrera home.

Exciting to see the gable truss go up at the Cabrera home.

A lot of maintenance is required on vehicles and tool trailers.

Kitchen flooring installed at the Jones home and ready for cabinet installation.

The newly built back deck at the Jones home made for great work space to repair the interior stairway.

Feeding the team requires a big grocery shopping day.

Music ministry drew the neighbors in. What a joy to share the love of Christ.