Week Three

Team 3 came from Tremont, Goodfield, Eureka, Fairbury, Peachtree City, Bloomington, Junction, Indianapolis, Prescott, Cissna Park.

Berean Bus arrives with the team on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

So enjoyable after weeks of cold to have amazing weather and the gift of worshiping outside for Sunday service.

Blessed with more donations from Midwest Food Bank including 17 coolers of frozen meats brought on the bus from the Tremont team.

Team leaders sharing God’s love with their smiles and new HarvestCall hats.

More homes blessed with new roofs and doorway entrances this week.

Mr. Ned and his daughter joined us for dinner and he blessed us with song. 

Painting completed at Ms. Lou Alice home and flooring being installed. The team took time for singing during their lunch hour.

Thankful to report this steep roof job for Mr. Israel is completed and no injuries.

Very productive week at Ms. Joyce's home. Footings poured, block laid, and framing begins. She came to worship with us Wednesday night and shared the joy she has.

Serving with a happy heart as block foundation is built at Ms. Felicia's home. She also worshiped with us Wednesday night and just can’t quit thanking Jesus!

Ms. Cynthia's home began Monday with one wall up and by Friday the house was enclosed.

The team at Ms. Cynthia's was served lunch by neighbors who came to grill burgers for them at noon.  The community in general is very aware and appreciative how the Lord is working through His people to bless others.


Ms. Elizabeth was very pleased as the exterior of her home was repaired with new siding and brick repair as well as new entrance.

When serving 1,060 meals a week, there is always the need for more grocery shopping.

The smiles in the kitchen explain why the food tastes so good.